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Discussion in 'OptionNET Explorer' started by Peter A, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Peter A

    Peter A New Member

    I have a one-lot (yeah, I know big spender) Bearish Butterfly on. I opened the trade on 12/29 when RUT was 1358.82 with a 1290 1340 1390 Feb 28 fly. On 1/5 I added a 1310 1360 1410. Since then the Rut has bounced around and I haven't added anything else. According to Optionnet I should be up $1400 now. However, when I check midprices on IB, TOS, and E*Trade the profit is around $440. What gives?
  2. ACS

    ACS Well-Known Member

    Could be a settings issue in ONE assuming you have the correct expiration entered.
  3. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    Are you sure you've modeled them the same way in both TOS and ONE? I just modelled the trade in both and when I look at them on my machine I get the same answers for both. Right now in TOS I see a PnL of $1,163 (commissions included). In ONE I see a PnL of $1,159. (On 03-Feb at 7:25 PST)

    Neil Gillis

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