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Warning: Windows 10: Major Upgrade

  1. Just a word of warning to traders. If you run Windows 10 there is an major upgrade called the Anniversary Edition. Normally you cannot stop the upgrade. It takes about One hour to download and perform the upgrade on on laptop with an SSD drive. :mad:
  2. I applied the update yesterday after market close. This morning, OptionVue is not getting quotes from TOS. Related to the Windows 10 update?
  3. You need to ask OptionVue. There is an option to revert back to the previous version of Windows 10. There had been some reports of computers locking up upgrading to the new newest version of Windows 10. Good going Microsoft.:eek:
  4. Problem resolved. The anniversary edition (build 1607) had two fixes pending installation on my PC that were not downloaded from Microsoft until after I started my computer this morning and ran TOS and OptionVue. I did not notice until after I had sent emails to both OptionVue and TOS support that the Windows updates were pending installation. Following a PC reboot for installation, the DDE link from OptionVue to TOS is working again.
  5. There is one positive note on the Anniversary Edition of Window 10; My boot up speed is almost instantaneous at a little over 1 second with my SSD drive.