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Viewing Video

  1. Hi Tom,

    Gr8 website with lots of good information. However, whenever I want to view a video, its keep requesting me to provide my email, which I have already done, by registering and the funny thing is I get a link sent to my email address to view the video, then after a few minutes, the message pops up, for me to provide an email address if I want to view the full video.What do I need to do to resolve this?

  2. If you put in your email address and you are already in the system you won't get any additional emails. At least that has been my experience. I believe it is there for people that are not already signed up.
  3. Wistia controls that. If they recognize you, they won't ask for an email again. It could be that you're accessing the videos from different web browsers or computers/devices that aren't cookied. I'll see if I can modify the links I send out via email to include the email to Wistia so it won't ask for the email.
  4. I figured out how to do it. In the future, the links I send out will have your email embedded in the URL so Wistia shouldn't ask you for it :)
  5. Thanks, Trader G & Tom.