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Discussion in 'Beginner Traders' started by norm smith, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. norm smith

    norm smith Member

    I'm a little frustrated with TOS analysis graph. It correlates with OV (nearly) when a position is first opened. When an adjustment is made, OV carries forward any gain/loss in the new resulting position while TOS does not. TOS shows the resulting position as if it's an initial position resulting in a graph that no longer is accurate. I'e talked to TOS about that and have been told that adjustments are not carried forward and there is no way to make the correction. I notice however, when Jim (for example)makes an adjustment in his Kevlar trade that his TOS screen does in fact accurately include the gain/loss from the adjustment. Any ideas on how to make whatever changes are necessary to get the same result?
  2. fred sun

    fred sun New Member

    Save the executed trades in analyze graph with the prices locked. It gets messy when you have many adjustments.

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  3. Ryan Simmen

    Ryan Simmen Well-Known Member

    In TOS when you initiate a position right click on the executed trade and analyze it in the trade simulator. Then press the hamburger icon and export the trade list to a text file. When it's time to make an adjustment import the trade back into the trade simulator using the hamburger icon. Make the adjustment and then add the new trade to the list of simulated trades by right clicking again and choosing analyze. Make sure that the price matches the trade that actually executed and that you don't have any excess trades in the list. The lock icon should be turned on and the prices fixed. Now you have two trades in the list and an accurate T+0 line. Finally, export the list of simulated trades. Wash rinse and repeat.
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  4. fred sun

    fred sun New Member

    OV makes life a lot simpler.

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  5. norm smith

    norm smith Member

    Thank you Fred and Ryan for the reply. It always brightens the day when you defeat software!!! :)
  6. status1

    status1 Well-Known Member

    I leave all my trades including the adjustments on the analyze tab until I close them I just use the check boxes to hide/unhide the trades and keep the prices locked
    This way I can track multiple trades at different brokerages
    I am not sure how easy it is to do this in OV but I find it very easy and convenient to use the hide/unhide check box to see how the trade would look after a while with and without the adjustment to see if the trade is helping or hurting the rest of the trade
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