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Tos is making changes again

  1. Looks like tos can't stop themselves from making changes
    Apparently in their great wisdom they decided that having the screenshot capture the graph and the trades that make up the graph is too good
    So now you can only capture the graph which is almost useless if you don't know which strikes are used
    What a brilliant idea
    I guess the less you see the better
  2. Is that a screenshot feature within TOS or is that an OS (mac/windows) supported screenshot feature?
  3. That was a TOS feature
    It was nice because it captures all the important data and it already has the date on the name of the file so all I had to do was to just drop it in the right folder
    Now I have to use the snipping tool from windows click and drag with the mouse on the screen to select the screenshot than type in the date to name the file than save it
    It can still be done but it's more work especially when I have more than one account that I am tracking daily
  4. Now that I think about it
    It's going to be harder to do the presentations for those who are using TOS since you can only see the graph so you won't see the greeks, fill prices , margin
    They just gave up to the competition OV and ONE
  5. Well actually it's not so bad since they are using the live screen but those that post screenshots here and elsewhere will have to use something else
  6. Good news Looks like they fixed the screenshots on the analyze tab
    It's back to normal now

    There is still a minor issue when I log in and see screen come up I see the home screen for about half second than it goes away by itself
    I have the home screen unchecked so I am not sure why it is coming up
    I can live with that as long as they don't mess with the analyze tab