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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jpluto, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. jpluto

    jpluto Active Member

    Question on the TOS analyze tab. I'd like to share some screenshots of positions I'm in with people, but I'm not necessarily comfortable showing the P/L $ amount on the Y axis. Is there a way to convert the Y axis to a % rather than $ amount? I might be missing something fairly obvious here, but haven't had any luck searching in the settings or through a google search on the topic.
  2. Ice101781

    Ice101781 Guest

    One solution is to hide your positions and show only your simulations. Then just model a 1-lot version of your trade at the prices you were filled and screen-cap that for upload. The scale of the trade isn't important for all but the largest trades - it's the unit dynamics that matter.
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  3. jpluto

    jpluto Active Member

    Yes, but I could also just cut out the $ amounts on the Y axis of my actual trades. The intention isn't to show a fake $ P/L, just not sure I want friends/family to know the amounts that I'm trading.

    I'd much prefer to show the impact of the trade using a % gain/loss rather than $'s. I know some of the modeling software allows that, just surprised that TOS doeesn't. :(
  4. Ice101781

    Ice101781 Guest

    It's real P&L, it's just P&L per lot instead of your particular total P&L, which is arguably more useful anyway as it's more general and applies to any account size that's big enough to trade at least one tranche of the strategy.

    I can understand that, :D. Since options trading is so abstract, it's easy to assume that it all must be dangerous. Doesn't the 1-lot solution also solve this problem? Unless you think they might give you a hard time over even one lot...

    I think this sounds good in theory, but most people find it more intuitive to think in dollars when it comes to P&L.

    My three cents.
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  5. status1

    status1 Well-Known Member

    I would tend to agree with that
    As soon as they see the graph they will start asking questions "How much are you making at the top ?" in case of a fly
    "How much are you loosing at the bottom ?" It's just human nature especially if they don't know anything about options
    If they have a little more knowledge you could show them a comparison between a fly and just the short spread of the fly and they would realize that while there could still be losses the fly on the downside would be a lot less compared to the short wing of the fly
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  6. jpluto

    jpluto Active Member

    Thank you both for the suggestions and input. I agree I would also be curious on the $ amount, I probably just need to get more comfortable sharing that info!

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