The BIIB trade "Analysis"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Richard Hale Shaw, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. I'm not sure I can call that email an "analysis":
    1. 2 anecdotal references
    2. One of the references says that a doctor "feels strongly...the drug will fail", and Fishman adds it's his opinion as well. No basis for the "feelings" or "opinions" is given.
    3. The other reference is from a BIIB competitor does present a few small facts about the placebo group performing differently - but omits any details of substance.
    4. "I can't help but notice that this data release is coming on the back of last week's lunacy in the NASDAQ." Lunacy? As in, you're short and unhappy about your choice? No reasoning is given as to why the NDX or COMPQ price is lunacy. So....the early July lows in SPX and the Dow over Greece weren't lunacy? This is analysis?
    5. "The crazy highs in BIIB ... gave management all sorts of time to hit the bid and cash out of a great deal of BIIB stock." Frankly, I'd sell stock at the highs as well: isn't that good business? But Andy, my man: prove it.

    Guys, this is not analysis.

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