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    In 2016 the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average are up just above four percent, while the NASDAQ has gained over three percent.
    There is a reasonable chance that this performance will be repeated in 2017, given no major driver of growth in sight and the risk of another recession increasing. In this environment of high volatility and low returns, it makes sense to look for the best long-term dividend stocks that generate consistent free cash flows, maintain quality balance sheets, and have the potential to protect their long-term earnings and dividend growth in the event of an economic shock.

    The best dividend stocks that are worth investing in 2017 are:
    WMT, KO and MSFT
  2. As you enter a new year and perhaps look to re balance your portfolio, the technology sector still boast plenty of opportunity.
    As technology accelerates, so does the nature of how people choose to buy products. As time goes on, people are increasingly seeking to purchase goods online. The rise of e-commerce has already had a huge impact on the way people buy products. The industry is still growing, and stands to completely change the way everyone shops in the future .
    So then, the question arises that should you buy Amazon stock for the long term as an investor? The answer would be yes but don’t expect overnight gains in this counter.

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