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  1. I need to build an Excel spreadsheet for live position monitoring. For me this is a torturous (tortuous too, probably) task but I believe it's a first step in making the jump from EOD trading to something different. I wanted to ask a few questions before I get started.

    First, I used to have an unfunded TOS (TDA) account and the platform loaded (somewhere) on my computer. I haven't launched that application in a couple years. Will this still work?

    Second, my 10-year-old laptop still has Windows 7 Home Premium. Is this going to cause any problems?

    Finally, DDE was once used but then RTD came into play (was invented?). Which should I use for the spreadsheet?

  2. It will probably still work since it automatically updates itself (for better or worse).

    I use an even older laptop that still runs TOS just fine.

    RTD is the way to go. There are starting point Excel examples floating around here and elsewhere on the internet.
  3. Thanks stevegee58!