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Discussion in 'OptionNET Explorer' started by Carsten5000, Mar 3, 2017.

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    OptionNetExplorer.png hi,
    im new to the OpntioNetExplorer. Please look at the atteched picture, it shows the problem with the T-0 line. When the "Volatility Surface" is checked (like in the picture) the T-0 Line sometimes in the backtest sag down. Now my Question: is the Error produced by myself (false configuration) or is it a problem with the old data (Backtest in 2007) or is it a Problem by ONE?

    kindly regards

    (sorry for the bad english... the school is long time ago...)
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  2. Teddy

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    This is happening because of the shorter maturity period.
    You have to remember that the Black Scholes equation is a model. That being the case, erratic volatility at short maturities combined with OTM options result in large volatility. The problem is that there are 1 ITM, 2 ATM and one OTM options which makes the surface not that smooth. Overall, my guess is that with 14 days to expiring that is causing estimation errors.

    Take a look at the numbers you get at the bottom of the graph. You have Greeks that are all zeros beyond 800 and Funny Greeks below 740
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  3. Carsten5000

    Carsten5000 Guest

    @ Teddy, thank you for the explanation.
  4. Alice Young

    Alice Young Guest

    I’d say try unchecking the Vol Surface before 2010, it only works off their intra-day data at the moment.
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