Singapore Based Options Traders, best options broker rates?

Discussion in 'Online Brokers' started by OMGwtfI8AFrog, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. OMGwtfI8AFrog

    OMGwtfI8AFrog New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am new here and so first post. I recently joined CapitalDiscussions and wrote in to thinkorswim to try to get the Capital Discussions discounted rates and was told that TD Ameritrade Asia (SG based) and TD Ameritrade (US based) were completely different entities. As such, discount does not apply.

    So asking whether anybody has any recommendations for best rates for small trader (20-50 contracts/month) ?

    Also found that the Excel plugin TDAmeritrade Data updater/downloader does NOT work with TD Ameritrade Asia accounts as The Asian and US entities are on different servers.

    THANKS in advance!!!
  2. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member


    TOS Sin usually start a new account with $1.25/contract. If you have some track record, write to them to ask for better rate. Usually it's quite easy to get down to $1. If you're running over 300-500 contracts/month, you can probably get $0.85. If you hit about 1K contracts or more, it's reasonable to expect $0.75.[/QUOTE]
  3. OMGwtfI8AFrog

    OMGwtfI8AFrog New Member

    Hi Kevin,

    THANKS for your reply! Unfortunately, I joined back when it was $6.95/ticket and $0.75/contract, rates have not budged for me as I find that rate too high and have been using other accounts at other brokers more. Never heard of starting at $1.25/contract.

    Does the rate also vary with the amount of margin that you deposit also? I had about USD5-10k in my account.
  4. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

    I think at a minimum you should be able to get a no ticket rate. Yes, i do think having a larger deposit will increase your chance of getting lower rate because as interest rates are expected to rise, brokers will be able make more money from the float.
  5. OMGwtfI8AFrog

    OMGwtfI8AFrog New Member

    OK thanks Kevin!

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