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Seattle Options Group

Discussion in 'Options' started by cellsee6, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. cellsee6

    cellsee6 Member

    There is an active Seattle options group. If you are interested please let me know.
  2. Lee Kaufman

    Lee Kaufman New Member

    Cellsee6, I also live in Seattle and would love to be involved. You can reach me at lee@leekaufman.com. Thanks.
  3. marat

    marat Well-Known Member

    I would be interested to learn more, but I live in Richland (3+ hours away)
  4. cellsee6

    cellsee6 Member

    I have sent a message to you to your email address.
  5. Tim

    Tim Well-Known Member

    Hello, after meeting with Lee today I realize which group this thread is talking about. I am a member and go to this options group meeting every month. We are a pretty active and knowledgeable group with a great mix of members' experience and have a good meeting every time.

    cellsee6, I may already know who you are but I cant tell from your alias.
  6. cellsee6

    cellsee6 Member

    Tim, cellsee6 is Don
  7. cellsee6

    cellsee6 Member

    Unfortunately the internet bandwidth at our library location is insufficient to allow us to record and stream our meetings. Perhaps you could start an Eastern Washington group?
  8. marat

    marat Well-Known Member

    No problem. As far as Eastern Washington group, may be in time. Right now it will probably be a group of one :)
  9. norm smith

    norm smith Member

    I live in Oak Harbor - Whidbey Island - It's a bit of a drive but I would be interested in learning about the group. When, where etc. contact info: hugh_517@msn.com
  10. cellsee6

    cellsee6 Member

    I have sent a message to your email address.

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