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Russel moving to CME July 10

  1. The fee ICE charges is the standard fee for its US data and includes all the other commodities such as cotton, sugar, coffee, etc. Having the Russell 2000 futures back on Globex with the ES, NQ and YM contracts should make them even more liquid. At the very least the expense of the data will be gone.
  2. Yes here's the page with lot of details: http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-index/us-index/ftse-russell-index-futures.html
    I do not trade futures, but it is good to have overnight feed of futures data to see prices are trending and NQ, ES, and YM sometimes diverge and so did RTY / TF and it is best to track the index that you are trading. Good to have the feed back (hopefully) after this weekend.
    I tried trading futures recently though but the fees are exorbitant. It seems like 4-5 times with TOS because /ES is only half an SPX contract and it seems /RTY is also just half a RUT contract (multiplier of 50 as they call it). Maybe time to read up some recent discussion about trading /ES but for me at this time /ES and /RTY is just to look up live prices :(
    While continuing to rant, I am surprised that they use one way to set up NDX weekly series and a totally different way to set up RUT weekly series - something called expanded for NDX and EOW for RUT - incidentally they are the same series now, but it diverges most of the time.
    Still continuing to rant, also it is funny (like their product managers do not have a clue in life), when you trade NDX, sometimes it will allow 5540 but then sometimes it will not (difference between monthly and weekly) so if you ever want to do a one week roll between the cycles, yikes. Come on CME product managers ... can't you just pick a rule and go along? How hard can it be?
    Anyways, good to have /RTY for some improved consistency in tracking the various indices and related futures.
  3. Just a note: RUT & NDX are CBOT products not CME.
  4. Ha ha ha: this alphabet soup is so confusing: but for you too :)
    http://www.cmegroup.com/company/cbot.html - CBOT merged with CME and is part of CME group, but what you are talking about is CBOE not CBOT :)

    And this is a single company which manages index options and this is where they list their weeklies: http://www.cboe.com/products/weeklys-options/available-weeklys - all of them in same place so maybe I wanted to say CBOE product managers but ended up saying CME product managers. Once again, the point is single company runs the top 3 index options (not counting VIX: https://www.optionseducation.org/tools/todays_most_active_options.html) and while I can understand SPX gets more attention due to its volume, the other 2 products defined so arbitrarily as if on whim/fancy that they feel like each others step-siblings.

    And then there is DJX, yikes, it will trade more if you manage it like RUT or NDX, but no - you get only 1 weekly at a time. So they do weekly options for N indices and 100s of securities, but leave out just one ... DJX. It is as if the computers are not invented yet. [ When a "company" becomes a "corporate", of course they stop working for their customers but many a times the internal fiefdoms start fighting with each other and I know there may be genuine reasons but prima facie this seems like an internal management issue otherwise why would a company with less than 100 options traded per month have standard weekly contracts but not an index with 100K options traded per month. ]
  5. My mistake I should have said CBOE not CBOT.
  6. It is my understanding that the /TF futures and the futures options are moving to the CME. The RUT options have been and will continue to be traded at the CBOE.
  7. New Russell futures symbol is /RTY in TOS