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Road trip trade from New Beginners class

  1. Yesterday, Mark Albers (via the Beginners class of Tom Pierson), was sharing how he did his RTT. I noticed on his TOS screen of his BWB that the T+0 line as it went through the tent appeared to be losing money.
    Having recently listened & watched Jim Riggio, Jim mentioned one of his best lessons learned was to have the T+0 line pass through the "Profit" zone before losing money. Jim runs the Kevlar, so is this one of the major differences between the Kevlar & RTT or can the RTT have a set-up where it to has to pass through profitability before losing?
    I am trying to figure out which of these 2 strategies is best for me. My account is a small IRA. I like the RTT because it doesn't require constant supervision, but I like the Kevlar because Jim Riggio is one brilliant dude when it comes the stock market.
  2. Don, Rt can be done or opened with t+0 line tailing off under the tent or with it pretty flat all the way to below the tent. It all depends on how you structure it. So yes we saw how Mark does his and next week we can talk about differences. I think Mark trades the rt very well. Rt, like m3 is more a concept than rigid rules. Dan and Tom do try to maintain a profitability zone before it drops off, its all about how you manage it.