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Ricardo's New Premium service

Discussion in 'Options' started by Edward, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Edward

    Edward Well-Known Member

    I thought I start this post on this service offered by CD. Just saw the video on Ricardo's Premium service at CD. Anyone reading this should look at the video on this site to understand what I am asking. I was initial told that these 3 strategies are directional. They don't seem directional looking at the video. I am not sure if the weekly trade on the index is put on over every weekend regardless of the market trend. I am not sure if the earnings volatility trade considers any Technical Analysis of the underlining equity as well. There might be a Directional component to the pure volatility strategy.
  2. Ricardo

    Ricardo Guest

    Hi Edward, as I explained to you this morning in detail, some trades maybe directional and others are not. The Platinum RUT strat is not directional. The earnings trades maybe directional and the volatility edge trade is slightly directional.
  3. Edward

    Edward Well-Known Member

    THX, I got your email after I posted here.

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