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Really hard to understand

  1. I tried this twice and I don't find it that intuitive.
    I didn't go through all the videos but that is the obstacle that needs to be overcome.
    However, I don't have that much time for learning this and need something where I can just jump as I already have an option analytic and also use IB's.
  2. Teddy, thanks for letting me know. With my own experience using OW, I didn't know where to start either. Because our front-end is quite different from most other platforms, users can encounter difficulties. If I can ask, what was it exactly that you didn't find to be intuitive? We put up the you tube videos specifically to try to help people. If you do have time to reply, I promise I'll explain your feedback to our development team.

    Edit: Teddy, just a reminder that our latest version which was released this week features a get started wizard that should help with the initial setup.