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Problems with P/L while Back Testing in OV

  1. I have a problem with Optionvue. When I am backtesting everything is okay until I make an adjustment to the trade and then the Gain/Loss shows a large negative number. The T+0 line is also far below the horizontal axis. When I check the reports, everything seems fine there. I looked through this forum before posting and Simons had a similar problem but this was resolved by setting slippage to none. My slippage was already set to none. It only started happening yesterday, before this it was fine and I haven't changed any settings. Its probably an easy fix any feeback how to fix it would be appreciated.
  2. Check the prices that the adjustment was made at to be sure they're not bad. Also when you do an adjustment that adds a new strike to the trade are you filling in the Trade ID and/or R column so the P&L of that new strike is counted?
  3. Thanks for the info but I had already checked these. I will phone Optionvue in 30 minutes and see if they can suggest a fix.
  4. I have been having a similar problem the last few days. Please post here if they give you a good answer to why it is doing this. Very frustrating.
  5. Peavey the problem was resolved by ticking the G/L to include previously realized G/L'S. (This can be found by clicking Info next to the Trade Log Button) I have been using Optionvue for a few months and this has always been ticked since I first set it up. Optionvue took it upon itself to untick it. I should have checked this.
  6. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, mine is already set correctly but I'm still having trouble. I will probably uninstall and re-install next week to see if I can get it working.
  7. OK, is your slippage set to none?
  8. Yep, slippage is set to none.
  9. I don't know if you know this but if you phone Optionvue, tech support can use remote support to try and fix any problems. I only found out about this when I phoned up yesterday. Might be worth trying this.
  10. Thank You! I just downloaded a trial version of OV and this was one of the problems I was having. It was driving me a little crazy, every time I tried to enter an adjustment the numbers would be way off. Anyway, back to backtesting!
  11. Hmm, Anyone know where I set/change the commission amount? I actually just want to turn it off, but it always pops up with 14.95 no matter if I uncheck it in the model or account dialog box. But I don't see anywhere to change it. (am I blind?)
  12. Mje you need to go to Info(next to trade log button) click on schedule under securities commissions, in option section select none in breakover and then select the amount you want to use. Regarding your post above you also want to watch out for Optionvue dropping your calls if they have high deltas and also watch out for the R Column, digits or letters like to disappear here for no reason. I am still learning Optionvue but these are a few things I have noticed so far. Good luck backtesting.
  13. Thanks, its funny how easily I can miss things when I get frustrated, and optionvue has been frustrating to use, but I can see how powerful the software is.