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Which improvements would you like to to see in OptionVue to improve performance and usability?

  1. Multi-core & multi-threadding support // faster performance

  2. 64-bit support (4GB+ RAM Support)

  3. Multi-monitor support // floating windows

  4. Proper cloud storage of back-test data for near instant loading // use global CDN for faster load

  5. 5-minute intraday data

  6. Improved UI // UX (user interface and user experience)

  7. International options exchange data

  8. None of the above

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  1. tom

    tom Administrator Staff Member

    I'd like to see better strike/expiry selection. I currently have to manually define my SPX strikes and expirations so I can keep the total symbols under control. I'd like to have some of these options:

    - Pick all strikes with open positions (I think it does this already but I have to test it and I don't want to mess up my manually defined strikes)
    - Instead of "Small" "Medium" or "Large" have something like pick all strikes within __% or ___sigma or __ strikes from the underlying price or perhaps a delta chooser (minimum of ___ delta)
    - Use user-defined strike separation (5, 10, 25 points etc)
    - Use calls, puts or both. Or only OTM options.
    - Pick which expirations to use. Show weekly, monthly, quarterly and LEAP expirations as check boxes and let you choose which ones to include.
    After the user has chosen the calculated strikes, let them add/remove strikes. For instance, if I only want to trade OTM puts and add a deep ITM call for an M3, let the user add some additional ITM call strikes.

    I'm sure this would take some work but improving the strike/expiry selection would help quite a bit, especially for underlyings with a lot of strikes and expiration.
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  2. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    Proposals for improvements of "Detailed analysis" page

    The page "Detailed Analysis" would be a perfect basis for better (more quantitative) Position dissection and inventory analysis. In order to enhance the analysis capabilities please
    1) allow grouping of legs analogue to the R columns
    2) sync grouping of legs with the chart
    3) add total sum row to folllow the price of the position
    4) allow adding columns from the "matrix summary section" such as greeks, IV, margin, remaining value of the leg etc.
    5) add arrows to scroll towards projected date

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