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Which improvements would you like to to see in OptionVue to improve performance and usability?

  1. Multi-core & multi-threadding support // faster performance

  2. 64-bit support (4GB+ RAM Support)

  3. Multi-monitor support // floating windows

  4. Proper cloud storage of back-test data for near instant loading // use global CDN for faster load

  5. 5-minute intraday data

  6. Improved UI // UX (user interface and user experience)

  7. International options exchange data

  8. None of the above

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  1. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    Agree. Hopefully Len will share some mockups with the community before implementing anything. There is so much that can be done to improve usability ;-)

    Looking forward!
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  2. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    I have started to consolidate and prioritize all the suggestions we have received. In the process, I realized that a couple of the suggestions you made have already been implemented in the software. For instance, "Allowing user-definable colors on the matrix for fonts, std dev, background, etc." A portion of this is already done. You can select your own colors for the std dev shading by going into File | Preferences | Colors. And "Adding intelligence and buttons on the matrix to increase or decrease the lot size of a worked-up butterfly." There is already something in the software to do this. I'm not sure I can describe it completely here, but I will demonstrate (or have someone else here demonstrate it) the next time we speak on Capital Discussions. And finally, about re-sizing the analyze graph, that is already there. (I assume you're talking about zooming in or zooming out.) To zoom in, have the mouse over the horizontal axis and drag to the right. To zoom out, drag to the left. And of course, to shift the whole graph left or right, just "grasp" it anyplace in the main graph area and drag it. :)
  3. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    @Len Yates, here is one more - looks even better than the above and will also allow to implement different themes/skins such as Office 2016. A black one is a must have.

    The above link provide some REALLY NICE controls. OptionVue is going to look great ;-)
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  4. Tim

    Tim Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the explanations Len. Any thoughts about eliminating the typing delay in OV when using TOS quotes? That is the single biggest item, by FAR, for me with OV.
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  5. Rickbw

    Rickbw Member

    I'll add to the comment in regards to typing delay in ToS, at times it can take up to 15 - 30 seconds on my platform.
  6. Stephen

    Stephen Member

    From my perspective, there are 2 distinct competitive advantages to OV in the marketplace:
    (1) Modeling
    (2) Back Trader

    The majority of all efforts should be focused on making these two aspects the industry best. I believe we may have healed the near mortal wound regarding the modeling snafu last fall. However, the BackTrader feature especially when it comes to the SPX is woefully unacceptable. From missing data, to incredibly slow processing times to corrupt archive data and an "offline" feature that still pings the servers in NYC - there are more than enough issues to work out before moving on to "nice to have" features.

    Having said that, it is no secret that John Locke students, SMB Options and Cap D followers surely represent over 50% of the installed customer base. In addition, in my view, this is where most of the OV customer growth will come from as well. As John and others begin to put increasingly more focus on deep and exhaustive backtesting, then it stands to reason this is where OV's priorities should lay. Rigorous backtesting is the backbone any professional trader who seeks long-term success. As they say with any traditional business, "nothing happens without a sale." For trading, "nothing (should) happen without first backtesting". This is absolutely paramount.

    Finally, the longer it takes to perform an SPX backtesting project in OV the more folks will simply move over to ONE and decrease their dependence on OV in every way including the modeling (product advantage). These two items are actually symbiotic.
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  7. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    Well said and totally agree. Usability needs to be improved with a similar priority though.

    I recently watched a WebEx where a seasoned coach was totally surprised about features in OV that he never knew about because they were buried deep in the settings. This should not happen - OV has a lot of great functionality but the software is slow and hard to use.

    I am confident that Len is totally committed to addressing these points and am sticking with OV for now. ONE is fast but their modeling is still off at times (from what I hear).
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2016
  8. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

    Agree. OV has many great and unique features that were either hidden/badly marketed or not fully functional. Now Len is starting to fix some of them.

    Besides having better IV modeling than ONE, there are some OV features that I can't do without in my daily trading. For example - the R code. That allows me to slice and dice my trade both in real time mode and in back testing. That's tremendously useful to understand the anatomy of a strategy and help decide which adjustment I should take. That started off as a nice to have feature but after analyzing my trade that way for a while, it has become a must have for me.

    Another feature I rely on for my fire drill is the data export function. That's not available in ONE. With TOS, I could only download live data but not historical. With OV, I can export previous day option data into Excel to analyze as part of pre-market prep. To me, that's a huge value.

    I do hope OV will continue to chip away the remaining issues continuously. As long as there are improvements in every upgrade, I'm happy. :)
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  9. meyer99

    meyer99 Well-Known Member

    Can you enable drawing vertical lines in the analyze graph (draw, edit, move, delete)? It could be a vertical line or a marker along the 0 line.
    I want the lines to stay until I remove them. It helps to see technical levels of interest when planning adjustments.
  10. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    Hello everyone,
    :oops: The new calendar button in the BackTrader window has problems. To be blunt, it is unusable. If you use it to set the starting date when opening OptionVue, there is a problem, behind the scenes, where the program is using a different time than the one being displayed in the BackTrader window, and can even refer to the following date when using the program late in the day. If you use the calendar button to change the date after you have B.T. open, the program doesn’t even respond by changing to that date.
    I have fixed the problems for the next release. Sorry to have rushed this improvement out with insufficient testing. For now, stay away from the new calendar button.

    Please don't blame OptionVue for "hiding" nifty new features. Please read the release notes that come with every release. ;) And many of our online tutorials demonstrate these features. We will make it a point to review many of these in each and every Capital Discussions presentation. Please attend. There weren't very many people attending my most recent one. Our rep Jeff Plimpton is giving a talk in March. I have asked him to cover a few things I forgot to mention in my latest talk.

    Regarding the typing delay when using ToS for quotes. Up to 15 - 30 seconds. Whoa! I had no idea this is what you were dealing with. That is bizarre. We don't see anything like that here in-house. I just had a talk with Ken (here in OptionVue) and he told me that only certain customers seem to have this problem. He said it is exacerbated by having a matrix with a large number of symbols. He also said that closing and re-opening both OpVue and ToS can clear up the problem for a time. Meanwhile, as I said in my talk, we're going to be looking into RTD soon, a different approach to interfacing with ToS. No promises that it will be successful, however.

    This will probably always be true. The interfaces with IB and ToS will be problematic due to design limitations on their side. To see OptionVue working sharp, the way it was designed to work, get QuoteVue.
  11. Bryan Doyle

    Bryan Doyle Well-Known Member

    First, I appreciate the frequent communication.

    Today, when I opened ov it said there was an upgrade to 7.86. When I clicked on the link for the release notes it shows 7.84. So I don't see notes for 7.85 (my current release) and this new release.

    And I could not attend your last presentation live but I do watch the recordings. So please keep doing these.
  12. meyer99

    meyer99 Well-Known Member

    Re TOS:
    All the traders I know in CD who use TOS have the problem, not just a few. Also I only have 5 symbols on the matrix and have constant delays. Closing and reopening the applications does not change a thing and is a very very inconvenient solution for the customers you are trying to "keep".

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  13. SVL

    SVL Well-Known Member

    I am not sure if it is only related to newly released 7.86 but in Back-Trader mode, after changing the date Ex.Pos Included resets to All.
    If you want to see only one component, you have to manually select it again after each change of date.
    I do not remember this was the case prior to upgrade to 7.86
  14. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    Bryan: I have seen this on one or two occasions myself. The solution is to click on the browser's Refresh icon. For some reason the browser doesn't automatically go out and get the fresh webpage sometimes.
    Meyer99: I spoke with Jim Graham (here in OptionVue) and he concurs that there are many with this problem. We are going to dig in and see if we can learn anything. He and I both will run OpVue all day Monday using TOS quotes and see if the problem ever happens for us. (I have never left it running with TOS for very long.)
    SVL: Hmm. Didn't realize that. Will check into this. My only question would be this: Would any customers WANT the Ex.Pos Included to be reset to ALL upon date changes? I would think, in general, customers would NOT want it to be reset, but are there any who would? (If so, we could tie it in with the new checkbox "Always reset to ALL when changing accounts")
  15. Scott Slivnik

    Scott Slivnik Well-Known Member

    Thank you for interacting with us. I am happy to see that the keyboard delay issue is being taken seriously.

    Please stop pointing the finger at TOS and IB. Multiple replies in this thread made it clear that TOS and IB are not the problem. Your competition has access to the same TOS and IB APIs OV does and your competition does not have the keyboard delay at all. Accept that the issue is with OV.

    A great way to duplicate the issue is to bring up an Analyze graph, put the cursor in the Max Proj Date, delete the current date and then hold down any key. You may not see anything abnormal immediately but after OV has been running for a bit, you will see keystroke pauses while holding down a key. As time passes, the pauses get longer and longer in duration. Everyone I know that uses TOS quotes with OV has the delay to some degree. Ken worked with me months ago and his suggestions reduced the severity of the issue enough to make OV usable but the delay is still there and annoying.

    If this single issue is resolved, the probability of renewing my subscription later this year will increase dramatically.
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  16. vega4mike

    vega4mike Well-Known Member

    This will probably always be true. The interfaces with IB and ToS will be problematic due to design limitations on their side. To see OptionVue working sharp, the way it was designed to work, get QuoteVue.[/QUOTE]

    So from your statement above we are to take it that OV was only designed to work with QuoteVue and no other quote provider, hence, the reason for the issues with IB & TOS. Hence, the problems, so not a TOS or IB issue.:rolleyes:
  17. Capt Hobbes

    Capt Hobbes Well-Known Member

    Len, thank you for keeping the line of communication open. I want to bring up one thing that's rarely talked about directly, but is always in the background. It's quality control. I don't mean beta testers, or manually poking around before the release to see that it "seems to work". I mean two things: 1) regression tests with significant code coverage, preferably as an automated part of the build process that runs on every check-in; and 2) a development culture where any new development or a bug fix start with encoding the spec or reproducing the bug as a suite of tests, to ensure the feature cannot stray from the spec or the bug reappear without setting off an alarm. I know from the symptoms I'm seeing that these are not in place in OV. I rate this as the most important issue. OV is a highly specialized professional tool, and it's a fact of life that most such tools have horrible usability, don't look very sexy, and yet are praised by power users for their functionality despite the quirks and the steep learning curve. Yet lack of reliability and stability is one thing that will have those users grumble and jump ship at the first real chance they get.
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  18. Rick

    Rick Active Member

    Definitely not. I made the mistake of updating OV not knowing about this issue. I was planning to do a large amount of backtesting today and now having to reset the "Ex-Pos Included" to the current trade after each date change is making the process even more excruciating!:mad:
  19. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member


    No, should not automatically reset. Just like our conversation regarding how P&L should be accounted for relative to the selected trades - the software should just take whatever user has chosen and should not automatically exclude or include anything else.
  20. Joe A

    Joe A Active Member

    Len, I watch the webinars by you and your colleagues at OV quite faithfully. I cannot attend live, but am an avid viewer after the fact. So please know that I appreciate your webinars *very* much, even if I am not counted among the live attendees. I can imagine that many others also use the webinars in this way. If you are interested in total number of viewers, perhaps there are viewer statistics on YouTube that are available to Tom N. that you could be provided with.


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