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Discussion in 'OptionVue Forum' started by TheSpeculator152, Jan 17, 2016.


Which improvements would you like to to see in OptionVue to improve performance and usability?

  1. Multi-core & multi-threadding support // faster performance

  2. 64-bit support (4GB+ RAM Support)

  3. Multi-monitor support // floating windows

  4. Proper cloud storage of back-test data for near instant loading // use global CDN for faster load

  5. 5-minute intraday data

  6. Improved UI // UX (user interface and user experience)

  7. International options exchange data

  8. None of the above

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  1. Joe A

    Joe A Active Member

    Thank you for making time to interact with your clients. It is very much appreciated.
    I am glad to see you mention RTD. I would strongly advise that your people look into this method of getting data from TOS. DDE is ancient, out-of-date and fragile. No one has developed actively with it for quite a number of years. I hope you are able to move on this quickly.
  2. Joe A

    Joe A Active Member

    Another question is whether OV is a multi-threaded application? Can it make use of 2- or 4-core CPUs? The 64- vs. 32-bit question is an interesting one, I think the question of threads and multi-core is the real point in terms of things like speed, keystroke latency, etc.
  3. GreenZone

    GreenZone Well-Known Member

    Len, I think you are mistaken.
    OV is the only program I have used in the last decade which has this problem.
    There's definitely a problem, but blaming it on the Microsoft operating system is not a good excuse.
    Since this issue only occurs with OptionVue, then the logical conclusion is that the bug lies somewhere inside of OptionVue itself.
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  4. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    It is not. You can check "Task Manager" in Windows and you will notice that only one core is used when OV is running.

    Multi-core and multi-threading has been requested but nothing so far...
  5. Andrei

    Andrei Well-Known Member

    I am currently testing ONE vs OV, so I needed to get a better understanding of what OV's plans are for improving the system and fixing problems. So I have just spent a couple of hours going through the requests and Len's responses. Please see the attached spreadsheet.

    The bottom line for me is:
    Data entry delays need to be fixed. When I am working with ONE, just this alone makes me want to convert. So I agree with Ron, this problem is unique to OV and thus should be solvable by OV.
    I really like ONE's Unique Trade ID approach, which enables keeping all trades in one account mirroring my TOS account structure.
    Server-side storing of the data, as in ONE. To me it is safer and easier to use especially when switching locations and workstations.
    Better handling of weekly options.
    UI - Many good suggestions, including better Multi-monitor support.
    There is some interesting discussion of technology, but in my opinion it really should not matter as long as the system is fast and efficient (which in some cases it is not)
    Of course any model's modifications must be isolated into a separate option and clearly explained.

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  6. Tim

    Tim Well-Known Member

    Hi Len, you asked for suggestions to improve the ui. Here a few ideas, but I am sure that if emphasis is put on thinking about utility and ease of use we can find many more things like this.

    And, let me re-stress the delay in typing trades in, or entering account names, or even in closing the program as I mentioned before are critical items that must be fixed in order for OV to continue to be a viable tool for me. I agree with others here that it definitely is not an issue in windows, or TOS since OV is the only program I have also seen in many years that exhibits this behavior. As a former software developer my insight is that it has something to do with Delphi, its database engine, or structures. OV may be taxing Delphi beyond its ability.

    Some ideas:
    Make the analyze graph update in real time as quotes come in so it is not static.
    Eliminate the need to click "E", analyze, close it, click "B", analyze and superimpose to see before and after comparisons. Make a button on the matrix that does all that in one click.
    Add intelligence and buttons on the matrix to increase or decrease the lot size of a worked-up butterfly in one click (would increase the lot sizes of each leg at once)
    Add intelligence and buttons on the matrix to reposition all legs of a worked up trade up one strike or down one strike.
    Add context sensitive help for all buttons and controls on all screens as all modern software does. You have some but not all of them.
    Allow user-definable colors on the matrix for fonts, std dev, background, etc.
    Add ribbon-type menu items like Office. For example on the asset page, right-clicking on the asset brings up a simple list of what you can do (DA, DH etc.). Those functions could be on a menu for ease of use.
    Let us resize the analyze graph by dragging left or right as well as with the +/- slider similar to TOS, and to how we already can drag the graph left or right.
    On analyze graph let us have use-definable parameters to turn the greek numbers red or green if they are out of a limit value

    these are only the first things that come to mind. Great attention to ease of use and utility should be given in a redesign to imprive the tool.
  7. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    Regarding International options: I would be intererested in DAX and ESTX50 index options as well as FGBL(10y BUND) futures options. Also the equity options on all the DAX companies would be very interesting. Historical Backtrading and real time.
    Since optionvue has full compatibility with esignal it would be great to be able use their extended historical option data package for backtesting if the optionvue backtrader is not capable of.
    Just curious, is there actually a way already today to use historical data of DAX index options to backtrade in optionvue? If yes how does it work?
  8. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member


    I had a dream Friday night, in which you and I discussed my use of OV software. In the dream, I told you that I had used ONE and had switched to OV in order to trade John Locke's strategies. At that point in the dream, without my complaining to you about the OV slow keyboard response, you sensed where I was about to go with the discussion, and asked if I would be happy with OV if you provided free access to QuoteVue real-time data until you have the TOS interface problem resolved. My reply in the dream was "absolutely, yes", and that's the last I recall of the dream.

    Odd that this subject has invaded my dreams, but what I relayed above is the absolute truth.

    Any chance of this happening?

  9. Tim

    Tim Well-Known Member


    I think Jim's idea here to give us netvue quotes until you can fix the latency delay problem when getting TOS quotes is a good idea. You are offering OV as able to get quotes from TOS, yet it is practically unusable that way, even with the suggested workarounds.
  10. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    Hello everyone:

    Regarding the TOS data interface: As I see it, the only remedy is RTD. I will put it on next month’s schedule to explore RTD and see if we can get it working. We cannot let people have QuoteVue free of charge, unfortunately. The exchanges are very strict on recordkeeping and fees.

    Trade ID is a good idea and we’ve been thinking about implementing that very soon.

    About the suggestion to make the analyze graph update in real time. Do you realize that the side-by-side version of the analyze graph does this already? Tim, I understand all of your other suggestions, and will add them to my stack. Thank you.

    Andrei, you had one comment about “Better handling of weekly options”. Can you elaborate please?

    Guwe75, regarding international options, unfortunately our data source does not provide them. And if our servers are not receiving quotes on these, then they cannot accumulate historical data. Nevertheless, I have made note of your request.

    FYI, we are performing testing right now on a new version that we hope to release on Friday Feb 12th. It contains portfolio margining, something our customers have been requesting for a long time, as well as several other improvements. The problem with the greeks when switching between E, T and B has been fixed in this release, along with a problem with proper grouping using the R codes.
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  11. Bryan Doyle

    Bryan Doyle Well-Known Member

    Len, looking forward to the new release with the greek switching fix and portfolio margin support. Thanks for the update.
  12. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member


    In December 2014 Karen Rae sent me an email reminding me of the pending price increase and the opportunity to execute a longer-term lease at reduced prices. I responded that the latency problem with TOS was a major concern that made me reluctant to lease OV for a longer time period. In a follow-up email with Ken Dole, after I had implemented all of the workarounds that he suggested to try to fix the problem, I advised him of the well-known problems of using DDE to interface with TOS, and recommended that OV reprogram to use the RTD interface with TOS. His reply was "Thank you for the suggestion on the switch to RTD format. Apparently, that would be a huge programming endeavor for OptionVue7 from what I’ve heard from OV programming."

    Then, in your 10/19/1015 OV Education webinar, when the latency problem was brought to your attention (from about 32:30 - 35:00), you essentially laid the blame on TOS and said that they needed to come up with a more modern interface approach, that they had not given you anything you can use to fix the problem, that you weren't even sure of some acronym they mentioned (RTD), that they wouldn't give you specs, that there isn't anything you can do about it, etc. If Ken Dole and your programmers knew enough of RTD in December 2014 to tell me that implementing it would be a huge reprogramming effort, I'm quite skeptical when I hear you say in this webinar that there isn't really anything you can do about the latency problem. Go back and listen to the webinar recording to hear a lot of "artful dodging".

    So, now you finally see the light, and agree to put RTD on next month's schedule to "see if you can get it working". That doesn't sound like a very strong commitment to fix the problem. Perhaps there aren't very many people in your user community who use TOS (or IB) for their live data feed, and the reprogramming effort to appease us just isn't worth the cost, in which case those of us who are still with OV a year from now will still be struggling with latency problems.

    And, I suspect that you really could let people use QuoteVue free of charge, except perhaps for exchange fees. Wouldn't the OV7 Real-Time Subscription, discounted to a monthly price of $99, accomplish this?
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  13. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

    Great .... Looking forward to Friday's release. :)
  14. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    The new release will be this week sometime. We were still working on the portfolio margining and a couple of problems in other areas. Now we need a few days for further testing.
  15. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    @Len Yates, what is your thinking on improving the UX of OptionVue? It is, after all, the highest voted feature in this poll.
    Here is an example of Office 2016 using the newly released black skin. I would personally love a dark skin with the much time I spend using analysis software.
    OptionVue Interface Request.PNG
    There is a reason TWS, ToS, Bloomberg, LiveVol, etc. all come standard with a dark skin. Please give us one for OptionVue as well.
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  16. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

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  17. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    That's helpful. I plan on looking into using a ribbon style menu in the next few weeks. When I do, I'll start with those two websites. :D
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  18. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to you sharing with us some mockup shots for feedback and guidance ;-)
  19. vega4mike

    vega4mike Well-Known Member

    Is everyone happy with the latest upgrade of OV?, I heard there may be issues, but as its not been mentioned in CD, it may not be that serious
  20. Chuck

    Chuck Guest

    Yes - updating the buttons would be helpful. Plus it would be great to see some of them much smaller.


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