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Which improvements would you like to to see in OptionVue to improve performance and usability?

  1. Multi-core & multi-threadding support // faster performance

  2. 64-bit support (4GB+ RAM Support)

  3. Multi-monitor support // floating windows

  4. Proper cloud storage of back-test data for near instant loading // use global CDN for faster load

  5. 5-minute intraday data

  6. Improved UI // UX (user interface and user experience)

  7. International options exchange data

  8. None of the above

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  1. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    Thank you Andrei, Speculator 152, and Rick for the suggestions. I have made notes on all of them, and will consider when we can work these items into our development schedule.

    I want to comment on a few items here:

    Andrei #1. We learned a lot from the experiences of the past few months and we are not going to disturb the core models any more. I want people to understand that we have 100’s of customers outside the John Locke group who see the shortcomings of the existing model, as do we, and we still feel that it is right to try to improve upon it. However, when we get ready to move forward, we will add a new model selection in the program. Maybe we will call the existing model that John Locke people need the “golden oldie” and the model that we want to move forward with will be called by some other name.

    #3. I assume you’re talking about importing trades from a TOS output file. I want to work on this very soon.

    #4. What data entry delays are you referring to? Is it trying to type something into the Matrix while receiving quotes from TOS? If so, I already spent a LOT of time trying to resolve that and could not. Somehow the old style DDE quotes interface interferes with keyboard input.

    I understand your other points. I’m giving thought to doing #7 sooon.

    Speculator 152 About the back-testing performance: Did you read what I wrote about this previously? We are taking action in this area.

    In UI, you suggested using a Ribbon style menu across the top. How do others feel about this? Is this one of the important things that you feel needs to change?

    I understand your other points.

    Rick #1. I don’t think people would appreciate having their strikes or expirations shifted automatically. They might be surprised or confused by it.

    #2. It sounds like you used the same R code for all the trades, which causes the program to consider them to be grouped together and considered a single position.

    #3. I tried stretching out the OpVue program across two monitors, placing several open windows scattered apart, and when I closed and re-opened the program, the windows opened up in the same positions. Please call for tech help if you need to.

    Andrei again. Regarding having all positions have their options automatically defined in the Matrix: This should work already, maybe not real-time though. You might need to close and re-open the Matrix. I’m going to make a note to check into this. Thanks.

    Now I’d like to respond to the comments about Delphi:

    There is a misconception among many that Delphi is an old style development system that is not staying current. The truth is, Delphi is a completely modern system, kept up to date by its relatively new owner, Embarcadero. With it, you can develop PC apps, web apps, and mobile apps. All sorts of modern controls can be popped into forms, so if you think OptionVue looks old fashioned, that would be my fault, not Delphi’s. And in terms of performance, programs compiled using Delphi rank very high in benchmark tests. We, at OptionVue, put it to the test every day in our servers which can handle bursts of up to 100,000 price updates per second arriving from our data source.

    Back in 1995, we selected Delphi over Microsoft Studio because there was a huge productivity difference. Not only did we find that we could write code faster in Delphi, but because the compiler was so much faster (3 seconds versus 2 minutes), debugging was much more pleasant as well. You could make a change and try it out in seconds, thus keeping your mind on the task.

    Anyone who prefers C++ over Pascal, you can get a C++ version of Delphi. My personal preference is Pascal, as I find it more readable, and programs written in Pascal are easier to maintain in my opinion.

    Both the server side (NetVue) and the client side (OptionVue) were written using Delphi, and the truth is, OptionVue Systems would not be here today if, back in 1995, we were forced to use Microsoft C, because our first Windows version of OptionVue would have taken too long to develop.
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  2. AKJ

    AKJ Well-Known Member

    For Len and others in this thread: I'm wondering if there are previous threads or discussions around some of the things Len pointed out in his latest response.

    What exactly are the weaknesses of the existing model? What are the proposed (and previously implemented) changes that were intended to improve the model?

    I certainly don't need it hashed out again if the discussion has already occurred. Just curious to try to learn from the people who have already flushed this out.

  3. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    Good question. I doubt if there is a good answer to that already in the forum and I probably should have elaborated before. OptionVue's current approach to fitting the vertical skew curve works well for the vast majority of stocks, but not as well for some of the most popular indexes and ETFs. With those, many times the curve just doesn't fit the data very well. As a result, when you look at an option's fair value vs. its market price (in the Matrix) you can see them be quite different. For John Locke people, what this means is that the Graham Dot in Graphic Analysis is often above or below the zero line, indicating that you should realize an instant gain or loss if the options were to "snap" back in line with their fair value. But, as I'm saying, the fair value just isn't right.

    Back in November we introduced a new vertical skew curve fit model that produced beautiful curve fits. Unfortunately, it fit the curves so well that every little shift in the shape of the curve translated into different Greeks. And the curves DO change shape pretty often as market makers price the options differently in response to changing conditions.

    We still have that new model, but it is sitting in the code "commented out", as we programmers say. In other words, it is "on ice" for now. Would like to come back to it some day, but probably not very soon. And when we do, we'll make it be a separately selectable model.
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  4. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the clear explanation, Len.

    I think it's a fantastic idea to introduce a new model every time you make changes to the volatility model. That way long-term customers have time to backtest their strategies with the new model while continuing to trade with the existing model until they feel comfortable with your new approach.

    On your response from yesterday, yes I read your other reply. I'm happy to hear that you found the bug and are taking corrective action.
  5. I would love to see a Ribbon style UI and overall improved and more appealing UI controls! It would make the grouping of features that go together so much easier to find.

    You make some good points. I think there has been a misconception that a different programming language would bring different UI controls. I care about performance and ease of use and if that can be achieved with Delphi then great!

    Two more suggestions:
    Merge Matrix and Analysis/Underlying graph window

    It would also be great to have the Matrix and the Analysis window merged in the same fashion that ONE has it - I know it is possible to link them today in OV but the way ONE has done it is very user friendly. Also, having the underlying chart and analysis graph as tabs on the right side makes it so easy to use.

    Cloud storage of settings

    One of my favourite features of ONE is that it stores all my settings in the cloud. Please do the same with OV - it is so last century to having to manually backup your settings.
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  6. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    Great suggestions! I would like to see them too ;-)
  7. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    @Len Yates, here is an example from ThinkOrSwim of how they have done multi-monitor support. I would love to see that in OV. This would hopefully allow us to have multiple analysis/matrix combos open across multiple monitors.

    Is this something that you can do in OV?
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  8. jim graham

    jim graham Member

    Cloud storage of files with OptionVue is quite easy to do using free services such as Dropbox or Google drive. There are helpful videos on our site to explain how to do this such as this one from Jeremy Truelove: As to the side-by-side analysis we have it so the windows can be linked or separated (for multiple monitor use). I do not get any real felling from your post as to why you think the ONE implementation is easier to use.
  9. Tim

    Tim Well-Known Member

    Hi Len, thank you for participating in this forum and discussing path forward for us.

    I use OV with quotes from TOS. My single, biggest wish is that OV would eliminate the delay when entering trades, typing prices and commissions into Tlog, and even when entering the name for a new account. In fact these reasons if not fixed will make me reconsider if I can continue to use OV.

    I have tried all the suggestions by the support team to improve performance, with limited results. As a comparison, I use and Excel sheet that gets many more quotes from TOS via RTD (DDE's replacement) and there is NEVER a delay in entering data to cells, or doing anything. this all makes me doubt that the bottleneck on performance is the memory allocated to TOS or the number of quotes received. Instead it looks like a bottleneck inherent in the platform OV is developed on, and if it is Delphi/30-year old technology that explains it.

    Another factor that supports my contention is OV does not make full use of the windows registry. There are some basic keys but, for example, the Programs page does not "see" OV and cannot uninstall it. And there isn't an "install" procedure, simply copying the bits onto the computer produces a runnable product (like DOS did). Not using the registry to the standard likely means that there are a lot of security holes in the use of OV due to old technology and being a non-conforming application to the windows standard.

    A modernized, windows-standard user interface would be nice as well, such as pull down lists, date select calendars, up/down arrow selections that are context-sensitive in place etc. Yes I agree with a former reply here that it would be a good idea to work with a professional windows based UI designer and publish mock-ups if you are going to do a redesign.

    I know you said that Delphi is modernized and if so, it should be easy to fix all these issues.
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  10. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member

    I also use OV with TOS as the data feed. My biggest issue with OV is the slow response to the keyboard and mouse, and the delay in retrieving updated values from TOS and recalculating Greeks and P&L. As other contributors have indicated, I have incorporated every suggestion from OV support to mitigate the problem, with only marginal success, and frequently have to close/restart OV to get it to work again. Resolving this problem would keep me as an OV customer, even if none of the other requested enhancements were ever implemented.

    I am in the process of trial testing the ONE beta with CEV (TOS data feed), and have experienced absolutely no problems with software responsiveness. If ONE software developers can provide fast response, why can't OV software developers do the same? Perhaps OV should pay some big $$$ to lure the ONE programmers to OV!

    A request that I have that is not on the feature request poll is for OV to support multiple simultaneous symbols in a beta-weighted portfolio view of an account in the matrix and in graphic analysis, as TOS can do now. This feature would allow me to trade a small M3 position using IWM as a hedge instead of the RUT, and to view the aggregate position Greeks and T+n expiration lines.
  11. tecman240

    tecman240 Member

    Len, here are my suggestions,
    1. above all else, correct the greeks model and P/L. 7.84 has issues and I know you're working those.
    2. User interface improvements:
    a) make the analyze graph window remember it's size, position, and scale settings so the next time you hit the analyze button, the window pops up the same as before.
    b) Do the above for the Tlog & chart windows. Every time I open Tlog I have to resize it to see the comments column.
    c) Add the ability to define a set of windows, sizes, and positions into user named workspace layouts.
    d) Add a text box to the matrix window so if you define an adjustment and commit it, you can enter a Tlog comment without having to open the tlog screen.
    e) add a drop-down textbox to the matrix which causes all committed trades to use the character you put in (or select from previous characters) the box to be the "R" column character
    f) Add the ability to select multiple Tlog rows and delete them all at once.
    g) Fix the report window so that it displays transactions for the specified date range, even if you're in backtrader.

  12. tom

    tom Administrator Staff Member

    The Expirations for Weeklys only goes to 8. That currently takes us to Apr 2 in SPX, but we have trades on in Apr 9. You can manually add in an expiration but OV doesn't remember that if I close and re-open the Matrix.

    Suggestion is to either have OV remember the user defined expirations, or allow more Weekly expirations in the drop down.
  13. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member

    I just submitted a support request to OV on this subject of showing weekly expirations that are more than 8 weeklys out. Per Ken Dole, disable (uncheck) "AutoStrike Enabled" on the Define tab, then in the Options tab, manually add in the expirations you wish to see, delete those you don't want to see (de-clutters the Matrix), and click OK. As long as you don't enable AutoStrike, or change any of the other settings in the Define tab, OV will remember these expirations. The same applies to strikes shown in the Matrix; for example, you can add a far OTM strike that does not show with Large OTM extents enabled. I asked Ken to have Jim Graham cover this topic when he gives his next OV education presentation.
  14. @Len Yates and @jim graham,
    Do you mind sharing an update with the community on what your plans are for the future of OV? Another user had a very good suggestion of you making a road map available to us and let us vote on which features to focus on.
    To be honest, I am starting to be quite frustrated about the lack of response to the many wishes for new features, a nicer UI, etc. My firm pays thousand of USD per year for access to OV and we expect more than we are getting. Quite a few alternatives to OV are emerging such as LiveVol, ONE, etc.
    PS. I openly admit that we are testing LiveVol and ONE and like what we see. That said, we would like to remain with OV but you guys gotta step up the innovation and openness a bit to make that happen.
    Niels (A loyal customer)
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  15. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    @Len Yates, I just downloaded your archived files to speed up backtesting and got thinking about your 64-bit comment. How about loading the historical data into memory so that OV does not have to access the HD to read the next day/half hour? Would working with historical data stored in-memory not be lightening fast? There you have a use case for using the 16 GB Ram I have on my PC.

    I notice all the historical data is stored in small 2KB files. Why is historical data not stored in some kind of database for faster read/write access?
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  16. TheSpeculator152

    TheSpeculator152 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I can use Dropbox or Google Drive but that does not remove the pain of having to run backup schedules, etc. nor does it allow me to log into OptionVue from a different computer and find my settings as I left them on the other computer. I am referring to functionality that makes OptionVue desktop independent - all data is stored in your Cloud against my login and I don't have to worry about backing up settings, downloading data, etc.

    I hope the above makes sense.
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  17. Rick

    Rick Active Member

    Although Len Yates shot down my previous ideas (I disagree with his responses but I sense I am wasting my time with further discussion of those items), I will list another item I feel will be helpful:
    Enable user to fix the projection date for a T+x line to a specific DTE and keep it. For instance user expects to exit his trades at 14 DTE and wants to view that projection throughout his back testing.
    Currently when you set a date manually OV changes it back to its default when you make any change with backtrader, etc.
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  18. Capt Hobbes

    Capt Hobbes Well-Known Member

    What they are suggesting in that video is not backing up your OV data to Dropbox, but rather moving the entire OV directory under the Dropbox directory and running OV from there. This way you'll be essentially sharing a single copy of OV between all your computers.
  19. Robert L.

    Robert L. Guest

    Len, when can we expect to hear from you on all of the great suggestions from users on this thread - it has been a while?

    Frustration among CD users is growing and not hearing from the President of the company that we all rely on is concerning.

    You said "looking forward to more dialog" but we have not heard from you for a long time.

    I, too, am "looking forward to more dialog"!
  20. Len Yates

    Len Yates Active Member

    I apologize for the delay in responding. Have had a lot to deal with the past few days.


    Regarding the TOS interface and the interference with typing information into fields: This happens due to some kind of interference between DDE and keyboard input way down in the Microsoft OS level, out of my “reach”. I once spent two whole days trying to solve this, but could not. The only thing I could do is make it so quotes reception stops after the first keystroke, so that the remainder of the input could take place w/o interference. (Quotes resume as soon as you’re finished.) Supposedly there is a more modern RTD interface available. We have it on our schedule to investigate that and see if we can make that work.

    Regarding the full use of the registry. That is odd, because we use a modern installation program. We will look into it.

    About context-sensitive pull down lists and up/down arrow selections, can you give me an example of those ideas and where, in the OptionVue program, you would use them? Thanks. (The suggestion regarding date select calendars I understand.)

    Jim Clements:

    Regarding the incorporation of multiple (closely related) assets in a single Graphic Analysis, we have this on our schedule to accomplish this year.


    2a: The analyze graph window does remember its position and size if you leave it open while you get the next position ready to analyze. So I suggest you try that for now. Meanwhile, we will try to have the Matrix remember its associated analyze graph’s size and position even if you close it.

    2b: The T.Log and Price Chart are designed to remember their size and position, and this works fine for us. Strange that they don’t for you. Please feel free to call us for tech support.

    2c: The program currently does remember all window sizes and positions per asset. That is, it remembers your GOOG price chart’s size/position separate from your AMZN price chart size/position. To have named workspace layouts, that’s a new request. Thanks.

    2d: Open a dialog when converting a trade to accept notes and set the transaction price, etc. Understood.

    2e: Understood.

    2f: Understood.

    2g: We weren’t aware of a problem in this area. Do you have an example for us?


    Regarding the need for a 9th and 10th weekly to be defined. Understood.


    Good thoughts, but I’m not sure they would work. Whether the data is held in local memory or in local hard drive doesn’t make much difference. The problem is in delivering the data to each customer’s PC.

    If bulk data were stored in a single DB file, then each additional day’s data would require the transmission of a new copy of this huge file. That is why we have small individual files. Also the fact that customers are usually interested in a small universe of individual assets.


    I understand your suggestion about keeping the manually entered projection date when stepping to a different date in BackTrader.


    I appreciate your patience as we continue to add improvements to the software. Just FYI, we are adding Portfolio Margining to the program soon. It’s already been developed and it is in testing.

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