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Discussion in 'OptionVue Forum' started by garyw, Jul 7, 2016.

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    If you are relying on the Gain/Loss and or Cash Flow (or Y axis of the P/L Graph) from OptionVue, you may want to consider a 2nd opinion of the values being reported.
    A simple check is to SUM the NET transactions for a given TradeID/code/ R field, which if added to the current Position value should be accurate for a Gain/Loss (P&L)check.
    I observed a case (Ticket submitted yesterday), where a closing trade, adjusted the Cash Flow value by the "Original Price" instead of the Market price. (Have only observed this for the Jun 20th RTT RUT PUT sale so far). -- I have noticed NO errors in the NET transaction amount in the OV log! So, to say differently, the Transaction Log is good, but what is reported by OV is sometimes not so good.
  2. garyw

    garyw Well-Known Member

    mini-update: The comment I made regarding the Cash Flow changing based on Original Price VS Market Price is a red herring! I am still trying to track down the issue, which appears to be related to failure to properly account for trades that are repositioned. Apparently a convoluted procedure and modifications of the trade log are required to have OV account for repositioning, else accumulated losses are discarded and not reported by OV. If anyone has experience in how to modify the transaction log to get OptionVue to report correct PnL, I would like to know, and insure trade services are aware of this requirement. I will continue to bang my head against this wall until I find some way to get OptionVue to correctly report the PnL for the 18Aug RUT RTT!

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