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OptionVue Data Outage....Again !

Discussion in 'Options' started by Rod M, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    It looks like OV is having data feed problems again this morning. I am running TOS as my data feed with no problems. I am considering dropping OV's data feed subscription and using their "broker assisted" subscription with TOS as the data feed. I would like to know if there is a downside to this...I know others on here are using TOS as their primary data feed and I would like to know if this is working for you.

    Thank You.
  2. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

    I use TOS as primary data feed. No issue so far.
  3. Tim

    Tim Well-Known Member

    Yes but see the discussion "April M3 - RUT" in the General discussion forums, where we are talking about differences in greeks when using TO feed vs Netvue feed. I use TOS as well, no issues with getting them but OV is painfully slow with it and gets slower the longer I leave it open.
  4. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    I ran TOS all day today and the only problem I encountered was that sometimes I had to single-click the spinning ball to suspend data feed so that I could enter values into the matrix...an annoyance, but not a show-stopper.
  5. tom

    tom Administrator Staff Member

    I use IB for data. The only issue is the indexes take 30-60 seconds to load the matrix. If you leave the matrix open, it stays updated reasonably well.

    I also have the same behavior of the Matrix being VERY difficult to enter in the Trade column with broker data. Double clicking the logo in the upper right to suspend quotes is easy enough to do but shouldn't be something we have to do imo.
  6. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    Has anyone heard when they will be dropping TrackData and moving to their new data source.

    I think it will be very embarrassing for OV if they continue to have data outages with the new data provider. I have asked my rep on more than one occasion to have OV issue notices when they are having data problems...and have told them that not responding to the data problems makes OV look very arrogant...but so far no response.
  7. Morgan

    Morgan Member

    I'm also considering TOS broker-assisted data for my OV and it's bothersome to hear about functional differences and glitches. My thinking is the data source should not impact the issue of the modeling and Greeks from TOS not being as good as OV. My reasoning is the option prices and Greeks are computed from the platform model and should not be impacted much, if at all, from the source of the underlying asset data. Isn't this right? Does anyone find the issues associated with TOS or other broker provided data to OV so niggling that they are considering going back to OV provided data?
    I'm also a grandfathered owner of my Backtrader and think what OV did to my in perpetuity rights to it seem very similar to what Dan Sheridan did to the SOM community. My backtrader is still working and I don't plan to start paying for what I already bought. If others feel strongly about this issue, perhaps we should discuss some kind of joint action. It seemed to have worked, at least partially in the SOM case. Comments?
  8. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member

    I use TOS DDE in OV for my quotes data source, and consistently have problems with slow quote updates and slow keyboard and mouse response. OV seems to get more bogged down the longer it is open; closing/restarting it clears things up for a while. Sometimes, suspending quotes does not free up the keyboard to enter a trade. The slow keyboard/mouse problem apparently dates back quite some time; OV mentioned this in the release notes for version 7.40, in which they acknowledged that they have tried without success to fix the issue. It has become such a frustrating problem that I am considering dropping OV and going back to ONE.
  9. Morgan

    Morgan Member

    Thanks Jim,
    I understand ONE uses TOS data. Is that right? What is the cost for using ONE compared to OV?
  10. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member

    ONE is priced at 50 GBP for a 30-day trial, then 150 GBP for 3 months, or 500 GBP for 1 year. The current exchange rate is 50 GBP = $74.77. A month-to-month OV lease is $99.00 per month. Yes, you are correct that ONE can get live quotes from TOS. ONE includes historical data for backtesting in 5-minute increments.

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