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Discussion in 'OptionVue Forum' started by guwe75, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    I have recently tested OV thoroughly. Its a great software.
    With Update 7.63 they have implemented DAX index when using IB but w/o backtrading functionality.
    Asking OV representative if they have considered implementing leading European option contracts such as ESTX50, DAX, FGBL options into their "arsenal" including the backtesting functionality, they did reply: "Their is insufficient demand for adding more EU indexes. That could change in the future and we are always happy to receive customer input"
    Since ESTX50 options are one of the most liquid contracts globally, its hard to believe that there is no demand for OV as an option analysis software...
  2. Georges

    Georges Well-Known Member

    If OV will add ESTX50 options, perhaps more users will use OV in Europe.

    For having good fills near midprices and low slippage. Is trading DAX index and ESTX50 options as good as SPX and RUT?
  3. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    Liquidity of ESTX50 index options is very deep. almost comparable to SPX/SPY/ES options. Approx. 20m contracts traded per month
    The most interesting aspect: if you trade a RegT account, trading ESTX50 option via IB account is not affected by that. Instead the SPAN margin rules of EUREX apply => buying power effect is very attractive.
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  4. Georges

    Georges Well-Known Member

    guwe75 Thank You

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