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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, Jan 7, 2015.


What tool you are using for options analysis?

  1. TOS Analyser Tab

  2. OptionVue

  3. ONE

  4. Option Workbench

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  5. Other

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  1. Andrei

    Andrei Well-Known Member

    I am looking for better tools to back test and manage my options strategies. I don't like TOS as a back-testing tool, it is too hard to keep trades separate and keep track of P/L for individual tools. Also there concerns with their Delta/ Skew calculations. I tried to use ONE, and found it very good in many respects, but it is still has the same Delta/Skew problems as TOS. Also ONE is still missing some functionality and recently I had many technical problems with it.
    I am testing OptionVue now. Seems good and it is what John Locke uses for his trading. (I follow his strategies and find his approach very compatible with my trading style). On the other hand it looks and feels very dated and they have raised their prices.
    Are there other tools worth exploring? I just stumbled across Option Workbench, but have no time to look into in detail. Is anybody using it for back-testing and performance and trade tacking?

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