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Discussion in 'Option Workshop' started by MikeOW, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. MikeOW

    MikeOW Guest

    Hi guys, I've re-posted our update details here for your benefit. Let me know what you think about it, and if you think we are headed in the right direction.

    Option Workshop, version 16.6.935

    Get started wizard
    Until now, when users first launched the main window they were greeted with a platform that was almost empty – there were no tables, no charts and so on. Because of this, there wasn’t any beginning point where a user could catch on and start to explore the software’s functionality.

    Now, upon first launch Option Workshop will show the Get started wizard, which helps user with their initial setup.


    We’ve added a pop-up tooltip for the position row in the positions table, which appears when the mouse pointer hovers over a row. The tooltip contains all the information from the table columns and some additional parameters.

    The P&L(M) column now works for any instrument that is sending marketdata from Interactive Brokers or IQ Feed.

    The mechanism of moving positions between strategies has been changed. Now, if you move a position to another strategy, all fills under the position will move into the destination strategy, and the source strategy will be emptied.

    What-if Scenarios

    Now users can customize their what-if scenarios line’s width and style, as well as it’s color.

    Status bar

    The program now shows the current time in the status bar at the bottom of the main window.


    When calculating an option’s theoretical prices and greeks we now try to take time up until the end of the trading session of the last trading day for the instrument. This information about trading hours is not always provided by our datasources, in these cases we assume that the trading session ends at midnight.

    Default prices for new position

    When adding a new modelling position by drugging an instrument from the options desk, our software now takes a default price to prefill the form from a cell, where the user started drugging. In our previous version, the default price was always the last traded price.

    Fills routing

    We have added a button for calling the form of fills routing setting onto the toolbar above the strategies list.

    Charts rendering regimes

    Some users launch our software on remote virtual machines. In these scenarios the DirectX charts rendering mechanism was not always working correctly. We added a setting which allows us to make the software use software rendering instead of DirectX.

    Additionally, we have fixed several bugs.
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  2. Joe A

    Joe A Active Member

    Thank you for posting this. It is good to see another potential tool coming along. We can always use more and better software choices.
    I am curious about the version numbers. 16 is quite high and implies a long history. Can you give us some of the history of your product?
    Thank you, Joe
  3. MikeOW

    MikeOW Guest


    Thank you for the words of encouragement.

    16 stands for the year of the release
    6 stands for the month of the release
    The final number is the build number of our software.

    Option Workshop has been developing for a few years. Over the past few months we have taken the decision to release it to the wider public. This has increased the development speed and also resulted in us looking for feedback from the wider community.

  4. Joe A

    Joe A Active Member

    Mike, That makes perfect sense. I didn't realize the versioning numbers were dates and not sequential releases.

  5. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    Hi Mike,
    in OW: what kind of database is OW based on? Will the option chain data locally stored on the harddrive?
    Is there a way to export option chain data for further analysis in Excel (e.g. historical developments of IV skews)?
    Thank you, guwe
  6. MikeOW

    MikeOW Guest

    Option Workshop uses SQL Server Compact Edition for storing all the data locally on HDD. If you subscribed to some data (for example, opened an options desk) then OW will store the last data for each instrument. Then, when you, for example, restart OW without a connection, OW will load the data about that particular options series from the database.

    If you want to export a table from OW to excel you can do it like this: Focus table (options desk for example), click it, then press Ctrl+A to select all the rows, then press Ctrl+C to copy data and then paste the data to excel by pressing Ctral+V

    We're haven't made the process of exporting data automatic yet, but its something we plan to do in the future
  7. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    ok. The Excel connectivity sounds interesting.
    Lets say I have an IQfeed datafeed: is it possible to download the historic option data as well to have an complete dataset or does OW "only" save the real time data as being connected? How do I assure that I have all the data in the dataset (e.g. daily or even intraday _ every 15min or 30min)?
  8. MikeOW

    MikeOW Guest

    Right now the historical data (candlesstick charts) are downloaded only when the user builds a chart, and the data is stored only in the program's memory.

    But we are now designing several new features (HV and IV charts, probability density function overlay over risk profiles) and for this we’ll definitely need to store the data locally.

    What are you looking for? The ability to export data from IQ Feed/IB/etc and store it locally on your HDD?
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  9. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    Exactly, Build a database with the historical option chain data (daily time frame and intraday as well) of a selection of underlyings including IV and Greeks.

    I use IQfeed as a datafeed which has only price data for options (no Greek calculations (these would have to be calculated within OW) .
    I have also access to the IB data. But no working database structure so far (besides OV).

    Once it is possible to access the database with excel it is possible to backtest or analyse the IV skew/ IV surface all with Excel etc.

    Earlier if I remember correctly, the backtest possibilty within OW was also a requested feature in this forum. Being able to do so, wouldn't it be required to locally store the complete option chain data history anyway?
  10. MikeOW

    MikeOW Guest

    Yes, you are right, that will require storing data locally. The question is how to design this database in a way which will be convenient for both OW itself and the traders own excel spreadsheets/scripts etc. Probably the ideal solution would be to implement this export functionality for 3rd parties software as a completely independent feature. We will think about it and then discuss it here.

    In your concrete example, what would you prefer? CSVs, excel, SQL CE, SQL Lite? How will you use the data? From excel?
  11. guwe75

    guwe75 Active Member

    csv would work to import it into Excel.
    Better would be a direct access to the database via the connectors within Excel

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