Option Vue trouble after last update 7.94 (Analysis graph stuck)

Discussion in 'OptionVue Forum' started by Roger, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Roger

    Roger Member

    After last update (7.94) I'm having problems with analysis graph, which gets stuck at one price and P/L level despite closing and opening it again. Matrix P/L and price however, do change correctly. I'm using IB as data source by the way.
    Is anybody experiencing this issue?

  2. BillK

    BillK Member

    They are aware of the problem and are working to correct it.
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  3. Roger

    Roger Member

    Ok, thanks BillK
  4. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member

    Same-old same-old with OV updates; something previously working always seems to get broke with each new release. Especially frustrating when market is very volatile.
  5. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

    Email reply from Len about this issue :

    Len Yates
    1:11 PM (52 minutes ago)
    to OptionVue, me, Ken, David
    This was rather difficult to track this down, but I have solved the problem. Since this is very significant, we will need to put out a new release soon – either today or tomorrow.
  6. Paul Demers

    Paul Demers Well-Known Member

    I run my OV in dropbox so I was able to revert to the previous version this morning
  7. Jim Clements

    Jim Clements Active Member

    Which OV files did you restore to revert to the previous version?
  8. Paul Demers

    Paul Demers Well-Known Member

    The exe file only
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