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Discussion in 'OptionNET Explorer' started by Lee S, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Lee S

    Lee S Active Member

    Hi All,

    I'm trading ES futures options using OptionVue for analysis/tracking and see that ONE will be adding futures to their platform.

    Any feedback from beta users of ONE with futures?
    How does it compare to OptionVue?
    When might ONE with Futures be available?

  2. RJM

    RJM Guest

    very much interested in the answer. OPVue has been nothing but buggy and troublesome for the past two years. For those that trade using the modeling features, perhaps it is necessary, but I find that I spend so much time deleting asset files, and reloading, or sending info to support, or flat out restarting, its nearly useless at times. Worse, I use backtrader after hours and for reasons unknown, backtrader repeatedly has "issues"... according to Ken in support. I'm prepared to sacrifice some of the modeling sophistication for a good deal more reliability. (I'm reminded of the early Jags, looked great, but spent half their lives in the shop.)
  3. RJM

    RJM Guest

    I've heard from Andy, btw, that ONE was making futures options available now.
  4. Lee S

    Lee S Active Member

    RJM, did they say futures options was now available in the production (non-beta) release? I received this email on 9/4:

    Hi Lee,
    Thank you for your interest in OptionNET Explorer (ONE).
    Futures options is now available in our latest beta version. This is available to download for all customers.
    Kind regards,

    Andy Mitchell | OptionNET Explorer

    Also received this from Ron Bertino Wednesday 9/6:

    The current 1.28.5 public beta of OptionNet Explorer supports futures options.


    • you can only link to live data via TOS (ie not IB or other brokers yet)
    • you only have historical futures options data for 2017 at the moment
  5. RJM

    RJM Guest

    In fact, your email and my information are the same. I don't have anything saying they've gone past beta version.

    I don't mean to cast aspersions unnecessarily at OpVue. For all I know, it could be my system is not well aligned in terms of resources/speed/processing power, but I have had any number of complete failures when trading NQ options on OpVue. (Bad enough that I've received several monthly rebates when I've identified elements that simply haven't worked.) To be honest, I think OpVue is very thinly capitalized and they have to resort to rolling out a new version before fully beta testing the changes. And, I think they do not have the coding resources to completely correct known issues - instead they address marginal concerns that affect the most customers. (That has left me in the lurch as not many of their customers trade NQ options.) So, perversely, the long wait time for ONE while they have been internally beta testing futures options and now are publicly beta testing the futures options has made the product more appealing. I do want to wait and confirm they are able to handle portfolio risk graphs (but to be fair, I've never trusted OpVue enough to load all my positions into a single account. Its been safer to simply use one account per campaign/ticker... and even that has generated more frustration than I would expect given the monthly subscription. [btw, James is consistently encouraging taking advantage of the discount for paying a year in advance... I haven't seen the quality control to justify that length of commitment. My experience may be the exception instead of the rule, however.]
  6. Lee S

    Lee S Active Member

    I have experienced issues with new OptionVue releases that made me roll back to a previous version. It agree that they need to perform more thorough testing before releasing to the public. I have issues connecting to TOS for quotes data now (seemed to work fine with v 8.24) but am able to work around it by suspending and then re-activating quotes, in some cases I have to do this more than once. OptionVue didn't think they had made any changes that would cause this.
  7. RJM

    RJM Guest

    It is a challenge for both the user and the vendor, no doubt. There are only a small number of subscribers (relatively), and the current limitations in service and performance will probably keep it that way. There is also a limited number of relatively sophisticated retail option traders for whom these platforms represent significant value over TOS or TastyWorks. To be honest, the main reason I use these programs is to track P/L over multiple expiration cycles. Its surprising that the larger houses haven't identified this as a potential feature (I know that "Dough" attempted to do it but there was so much manual adjustment and correction necessary that it defeated the purpose.)
  8. RJM

    RJM Guest

    Still more "workarounds" advised on OpVue. As of yesterday, 9/11 certain background info was not properly loading. Should be good today... but if not call Ken Dole.
    Today, I am seeing problems with the analysis graph not updating to show effects of trades in future expirations (simple roll of options, but when modeling "both" (existing and trade), the max proj date is not including the expiration date of 'rolled to' option. At least for me. (Deleted asset file, tried again... same story.)
    EDIT: Fixed by checking Settings/Preferences/Graphic Analysis (Auto set Max Expiration), and restarting program. This setting does not refresh, apparently.
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  9. Teddy

    Teddy Well-Known Member

    I've been using the ONE beta with futures and it is working fine.
  10. TOPS

    TOPS Member

    One is much better than OV. OV was a nightmare for me.
  11. Teddy

    Teddy Well-Known Member

    I've seen so many folks us OV and thought there was an advantage but I never switched over. Lately, it seems that there have been a lot of issues when I read the threads.
  12. RJM

    RJM Guest

    I think the most frustrating part is when a problem is identified to OV support, and the response is "yes, we're working on that". After several such occurrences, it begins to gnaw at you... what else is not working as planned?

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