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    Exchange Investment Training is a BEE company linked to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. We teach individuals how to SUCCESSFULLY invest directly on the JSE. Most people invest the traditional method people invest is through banks, investment company's and brokers. With us, you invest directly and maintain control of your money. We DO NOT invest your money for you.

    When you invest the traditional method, you earn interest to the maximum amount of 13% per year. Below is an example of your earnings if you invest R1000 the traditional method:

    Year 1: R1000+13%=R1130

    Year 2: R1130+13%=R1276.90

    Year 3: R1276.90+13%=R1442.90

    Year 4: R1442.90+13%=R1630.47

    Year 5: R1630.47+13%=R1842.44

    So in 5 years, you will only have made a maximum profit of R842.44

    If you use our product as we train you to, the following is what you can make:

    Remember, you buy stock when the price is low and sell the stock when the price is high......

    Year 1: R1000/R1.15=869.56 shares xR4.73=R4113.04

    Year 2: R4113.04/R1.30=3163.88 shares xR6.20=R19616.05

    Year 3: R19616.05/R2.00=9808.02 shares xR6.30=R61790.57

    Year 4: R61790.57/R0.03=2059685.61 shares xR2.25=R4634292.64

    Year 5: R4634292.64/R0.33=14043311.03 shares xR0.65=R9128152.17

    You can therefore make a profit of R9128152.17 if you invest directly.

    You obviously need to know when to buy and when to sell your shares.

    To get started, you will need to have all the following in place:

    1. You need to be registered as a private investor on the JSE.

    2. You will need the software we supply.

    3. The software needs to be loaded on your laptop, PC or smartphone.

    4. You will need your traders license.

    5. You will need a traders account, which is your account at the JSE.

    6. The program comes with a STOP LOSS. It tells you when to buy and when to sell. It cuts all your risks of you losing your money.

    7. Training at our premises. ( head office is in jhb and offices in polokwane and witbank)

    8. You will be allowed to attend seimaars/workshops once a month

    9. We have dedicated market analysts. They analise the share movements of the company's listed on the JSE on a daily basis and give you the top 10 recommended company's.

    10. You get Stock Exchange news service.

    11. You get simulation funds to the value of R100 000 to practice with. (Demo account)

    For all of the above, the selling price is a once off of R30 000. I am authorised to sell the product and all training, services, etc for R18200. You will also need to have R5000 to deposit into your own traders account. The traders account is controlled by you and you will have access to your own money at your own discretion. We do not control that account at all and we don't do the actual trading for you.

    There are various ways of paying for this:

    1. Cash or EFT directly into the company's account

    2. Credit Card....costs you R300 per month for 48 months through your bank.

    3. In-house finance through CTI

    should you be interested, I will email you a contract which you need to complete and return to me with your preferred method of payment. Should it be via cash deposit or EFT, proof of payment should be sent to us so we can arrange installation and training for the earliest possible time that suits you contact Mr jayson Bishop on 0843972357 or via email at jayson.j.bishop@gmail.com

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