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Longer term bearish plays

Discussion in 'Equities' started by Trader G, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Trader G

    Trader G Well-Known Member

    To balance out my portfolio, I like to have longer term positions (collars/diagonals/ etc.) and I want to start adding in some longer term bearish trades. Not saying I am picking a top or that I expect the stock to move down immediately but if we start to really go down I want some positions that will help me. Here are a couple I am starting to look at, just curious what others think.
    1st one is PCLN. This is one that I look at and say how high can it really go? To me, if the economy heads south are people really going to be booking a lot of trips? It has some decent volatility too so you could get some decent premium.
    2nd one is AMZN. I love amazon and use it every day but the stock doesn't seem to be participating in this up market. It has drifted lower from 400 over the past year and to me if it isn't going up when the market is, what happens when the market really drops?
    Does anyone else have a stock on their radar that they think is a longer term down?

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