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Interview of Kevin Lee by John Locke - a must to watch for any option trader

Discussion in 'Options' started by SVL, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. SVL

    SVL Well-Known Member

    The video interview of Kevin Lee by John Locke was uploaded yesterday on JL's public YouTube channel.
    I strongly recommend to watch it to anyone who is in constant pursuit of the next best trading strategy and never spends enough time of learning in and out just one trade.
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  2. Boomer34

    Boomer34 Well-Known Member

    Pure Gold!
  3. Timo

    Timo Active Member

    One of the best trader interviews ever ... highly recommended!!!
  4. Mark Mosley

    Mark Mosley Member

    Very interesting....is there somewhere we can get his spreadsheet?
  5. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

  6. garyw

    garyw Well-Known Member

    Very good!
  7. Boomer34

    Boomer34 Well-Known Member

  8. tom B

    tom B New Member

    Very Good interview,just a bit scary to think about the risk taken.
    Kevin you are very brave!
  9. Tps

    Tps Guest

    Great interview Kevin, and congrats on your success. I don't think the risk is any greater, given the returns, than being long only in the stock market.
  10. Gabor Maly

    Gabor Maly Well-Known Member

    You can't really assess the magnitude of the risk taken without understanding the percentage of net worth tied up in the trade. If you can't "refill" the account the day after you lose it through a black swan and continue paying the bills then it is high risk.
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  11. LukeTheDuke

    LukeTheDuke Guest

    Bumping this up for any of the new members (like myself) that can benefit from this interview. Very thought provoking on really breaking down and understanding one type of trading system/method. I appreciated it and feel motivated to take the dive a little deeper to really understand the delta neutral, theta positive type of trades.
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  12. Sanjeev B

    Sanjeev B Member

    This interview one of the best I have watched on Successful Trader of the Month.
    It is coming close two two years since this interview was done. I am just wondering is Kelvin can update us if anything has changed in his approach to trading options or M3 specifically during these 18 to 20 months with market moving straight up in one direction and VIX being as low as 9.12 ?
  13. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

    Hi Sanjeev

    With the ever grinding up market in 2017, upside risk to an m3 is quite difficult to manage. i moved to more of a bwb structure.

    In case you haven't watched, I have done a YouTube video on why a bwb structure is more advantageous to an environment when IV skew steepens as IV drops and that creates a right leg crush that is so detrimental to butterflies. BWB mitigates some of the risks.
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  14. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    Kevin, you would make a fantastic round table presentor. Thanks for all you do for the option traders. You make others better and I appreciate that!
  15. Sanjeev B

    Sanjeev B Member

    Kevin I have watched all 3 of your youtube presentations. Each one of them is extremely well structured.
    For the STOM presentation you even color coded which butterflies you sold and which butterfly you were purchasing when rolling over the butterflies.
    Such a minute details to attention. Much appreciated.
    Were you a trainer / instructor when you were in working in the IT field ?
  16. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee Well-Known Member

    No I've never been a trainer but i did work in the IT industry in my previous career for over 20 years

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