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Interactive Brokers Non-Professional Questionnaire

  1. Out of the blue I got this email from IB notifying me that I have to answer the Non-Professional Questionnaire within 5 days or I'll lose my data access.
    Recently I updated my profile (as required yearly). The only thing that really changed on my profile was the number of option trades/year and my years of experience. I went from making like 10 option trades/year to greater than 100 (thanks to the RTT). Is that what makes them think I'm a pro now?
    Has anyone else run into this? I'm an engineer with a day job trading my own account, plain and simple. I don't get why I'm getting the third degree suddenly.
  2. If you are a non-professional, you are a non-professional. Any reason to think otherwise and worry about filling up a simple form?
    AFAIK if you are trading a personal account (for self = not others, AND for self = with SSN(s) rather than an entity such as C-Corp/S-Corp/LLC/Trust), you are a non-professional.

    ALSO, presumably you do not have professional status in any other account such as with your employer (or in any other capacity), but then reporting non-professional on IB. That's all I can think of where you may need to worry.
  3. They hassle me with those things all the time since the exchanges went on steroids a few years ago to increase their fees in this area (borderline cases). The truth is probably this: IB doesn't care at all, they are just making you fill the thing out so they have the documentation they want to present to the exchanges on demand.
  4. Nope, just trying to understand how I got flagged.