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Information from Twitter? (Let Us Know)

  1. I was wanting to gather some good people to follow on twitter for general financial information. I have heard a few different people talk on the Trading Group 2 about how they get their financial news very quickly simply from their twitter feed...

    I know a lot of financial people on twitter are worthless (even harmful) and simply trying to sell a service or themselves (which is annoying)...but if you have anyone you have gained value from...let's get a list going:
  2. I follow zero hedge religiously. I am a former professional trader, and have followed them since my prop-firm days. Zero hedge is always pessimistic, but they report any interesting market movements. Their constant abbreviation and lingo is also not so friendly to a new trader, but once you are used to their style they are an excellent (if negative!) source of information.

  3. I agree with Mike that ZH has some valuable tidbits on market drivers. Unfortunately, the valuable information is beginning to get drowned out by the pro-Trump, pro-Russia, anti-establishment conspiratorial rhetoric that has increasingly become the focus of the site. For my own sanity, I stopped reading their blog as much as I used to - too much noise, not enough value.
  4. I have to agree with you. It's become especially apparent in the run up to this election. It should wash over after next month though, hopefully. I just like their market commentary!