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How Do You Get Started ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Rod M, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    This question is not for me, but to answer for people who continually ask me: How Do You Learn To Trade Options ? I have been at it a long time and have been influenced by many sources....some good, some bad. However, I did learn the basic option strategies from the old Dan Sheridan Videos he used to post at CBOE...complete with comedy and Portillo's Hot Dogs.

    I am looking for suggestions on how to learn the basics...where to go, what to read.

    Once a person has mastered the basics, I can point them toward this group and also, a great mentor, Tony Sizemore who has a great understanding of the Greeks and also how to mesh the various option trading strategies together.
    Also, my friend, Rick Saddler at Hit and Run Candlesticks has a great methodology for understanding how to read candlestick charts coupled with key moving averages.

    I am hoping to put together a syllabus that I can share here and also give out to the inquisitive. thanks.
  2. Kevin Chan

    Kevin Chan New Member

    Hi Rod,
    There are many schools out there especially in the last few years. I signed up at www.optionsanimal.com a few years back when they were called Spread Trade Systems. They've evolved their curriculum a lot. I find that they have a pretty comprehensive and structured curriculum and the coaches all actively trade themselves.

    Here's the curriculum:
    LEVEL 1 - Options Instruments
    1.1 The Options ANIMAL Method
    1.2 Stock Market Basics
    1.3 Fundamental Analysis
    1.4 Technical & Sentimental Analysis
    1.5 Economic Events

    LEVEL 2 - Defining Options
    2.1 Defining Options
    2.2 The Options Instrument
    2.3 Volatility
    2.4 The Greeks

    LEVEL 3 - Credit Spreads
    3.1 Credit Spreads
    3.2 Covered Call
    3.3 Bull Put
    3.4 Bear Call
    3.5 Iron Condor

    LEVEL 4 - Debit Spreads
    4.1 Debit Spreads
    4.2 Bull Call
    4.3 Bear Put
    4.4 Put Calendar
    4.5 Call Calendar
    4.6 Diagonal

    LEVEL 5 - Hedged Trades
    5.1 Hedged Trades
    5.2 Straddle / Strangle
    5.3 Protective Put
    5.4 Advanced Covered Calls
    5.5 Collar Trade

    LEVEL 6 - Trade Application
    6.1 Your Portfolio Part 1
    6.2 Your Portfolio Part 2
    6.3 Technical Analysis Workshop
    6.4 Fundamental Analysis Workshop
    6.9 Practical Application Workshop

    LEVEL 7 - Trade Adjustment
    7.1 Adjusting the Options Instrument
    7.2 Adjusting the Collar Trade
    7.3 Flow Charts - The Options Instrument
    7.4 Flow Charts - The Call Spreads
    7.5 Flow Charts - The Put Spreads
    7.6 Dynamic Adjustments
    7.9 Trade Adjustment Workshop

    LEVEL 8 - OA Graduate
  3. ACS

    ACS Well-Known Member

    I would say to start your options education at the CBOE web site. They have a ton of information and a syllabus to follow taking you from basic to advanced and at no cost.
  4. tom

    tom Administrator Staff Member

    There's a link to the CBOE training in the members web site under the "Classes" menu.

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