Here is the complete list of top 5 Dividend Paying Stocks for 2016!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Centaura, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Centaura

    Centaura Guest

    With 2016 starting with a bang for commodities and some stocks, the year seems to get only better with time for stock market.Getting some inspiration from a successful billionaire investor can be a good start, but ultimately, finding the best dividend stocks to invest in is up to you and, if applicable, your broker. With the likes of George Soros and Carl Icahn making loads of money form dividend stock we can look at the top 5 dividend stocks which can create a buzz in the market and will help in creating a greater ROI for the investors.The surprise being the inclusion of Wells Fargo & Company and the Coca Cola Company, and to add to this there is a surprise entry at the top position "IBM".
  2. Boomer34

    Boomer34 Well-Known Member

    Interesting article...good points and always fun to see how the top guys are invested
  3. Alexis John

    Alexis John New Member

    Well the entities you have mentioned are also know as the dividend aristocrats. they have been paying good dividend and increasing its dividend since last fifty years.
    In future this list is going to have apple, and not walmart. we all know why
  4. status1

    status1 Well-Known Member

    In my opinion you can make more money with the BWB trades
    Let's say you place a BWB trade in SPX with 9k margin and it stays in that range you could probably make at least $100 a month so that's around 1% per month or 12% per year or about $1200
    If you do the same thing in IBM and buy 9K worth of stock and hold it for a year you get about 3% dividend or about $270

    Sure if you have millions you can park your money at 3% in IBM It sure beats putting it in a bank but I highly doubt that they made their millions by investing in dividend paying stocks alone
    I am sure they had other sources of income besides the dividends

    Speaking for myself I am going to stick with BWB trades to make money Than if and when I have made a few million I can than consider some dividend stocks to keep my money relatively safe
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  5. David C.

    David C. Member

    If you have the account size to just park cash in actual stocks, I would think focusing on companies that are healthy and reliable dividends would be a good idea, but rather than buying stock outright, selling puts to build a position would just enhance that concept.

    One of these days, I'd like to start a thread or maybe Tom & Dan can do a class (or even offer a service?) geared towards concepts of managing a larger portfolio, like 150k+. I agree @status1 , I like the RTT-style BWB trades as a "core position" for an account, but what is that next level of trade diversification, mindset, concepts of management? That's what I want to keep focusing on.
  6. Boomer34

    Boomer34 Well-Known Member

    I would like to hear some other input on this as well...once an account grows to 150K+, what are other strategies used to bring in more income? I know you can use irons, and then in PM, can't you invest in other instruments as long as they are marginable, and still run all your BWB strategies?

    Can someone weigh in who has a larger account, or knows how these accounts are handled when your still wanting to trade with them?
  7. Gwen

    Gwen New Member

    I think WFC is pretty much in controversy to make good comeback.
  8. ACS

    ACS Well-Known Member

    I will never risk more than 5% of my total net worth in a trading account because that left side risk number is very real and if I ever take that loss, however slim those chances are, I want to be able to bounce right back. Once you are dealing with six figures, the best advice I've seen is to diversify and create multiple income streams: income trading, a portfolio of dividend stocks, some fixed income, rental real estate and some money in gold.

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