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FYI: OV Issues this morning

Discussion in 'OptionVue Forum' started by AKJ, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. AKJ

    AKJ Well-Known Member

    My OV is not working this morning. In the SPX Matrix, it's as if the system thinks the spot price is ~2800, and is calculating all the outputs with this input, causing all sorts of distortions. I reached out to OV by email, they are aware of the issue and in the process of fixing.

    I initially saw the issue while running 8.14. I was holding off on installing 8.15 until the weekend, but did so this morning thinking it might fix the issue. Issue still exists with 8.15.
  2. PK

    PK Well-Known Member

    Since I am new to OptionVue, I do not know if there is another bug or not. When I am in backtesting mode, I get quotes for standard, weekly and quaterly options. But monthly options are greyed out and there are no quotes at all, independent of expiration and number of options I have in the matrix. Is this a bug or a matter of adjusting properly the OV preferences?
    Thanks in advance for help on this issue!
  3. ACS

    ACS Well-Known Member

    There is a box in the define settings for the monthly options, is that checked?
  4. PK

    PK Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply!
    You were right, there was an error in my settings for option expirations and strikes. I had the AutoStrike function enabled, which did not work for the monthlies such as I had set them up. I checked AutoStrike off and everything worked again as expected. :)
    Thanks again!

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