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Equity chart

  1. I was wondering if the equity chart and the trade performance summary that is shown with the different classes is available to anyone or is that proprietary or maybe automatically generated by some software

    I just wanted to see how my trading is performing compared to the pros
    It would be nice if it could be done in excel but it may not be so simple
  2. Its not too hard in excel. Here is an example.

    Equity curve.JPG
  3. Thanks for showing some of the details of the chart
    I guess I should have started it sooner to record the p/l at the end of each week
    I made one but I only entered the closed trades so the charts is somewhat jagged and not as smooth as this one I think I will start one next year Can you tell me which version of excel was used for this ?

    What about the trade performance summary ? Can that be done with excel also ?
    I imagine some calculations are done to make the summary I was just wondering how that is done
    Is that also calculated at the end of each week ? Otherwise how do you know if the trade was a winner or not
  4. I am using excel 2016 and 2007. You should be able to do the trade summary.
    The numbers you see are just closed trades. I trade very short term duration.
    The jagged chart will smooth out when you input more trades.
  5. Thanks for the information
    I am using 2003 at the moment so I guess I need an upgrade to make it look better although I haven't used the charting feature too much so maybe I don't know all the tricks to set it up the right way
    Even the RTT which has only 8 trades looks smoother than mine with 19 trades

    I guess I can do most of the summary but I don't think I can do the lower section with the CAGR and some of those ratios but I guess I can do without it since it's kind of meaningless to me so maybe it's not that important
    I thought maybe there is some kind of excel template that could be filled out but I guess not
  6. You should not have to buy an upgrade as the 2003 version should do everything you need.

    Now the goal now should be to get your equity curve smoother. :)
  7. Any version of Excel going back to the earliest that I have ever used (including 2003) can do EVERYTHING you are trying to replicate. For CAGR and other ratios, you need to write your own formula in the cell to calculate this for you. A few hours of excel and finance tutorials on YouTube should be able to answer any questions you have.
  8. Paul,
    is it your weekly trade?
  9. Yes it is.
  10. It looks very nice!
  11. Thanks. Every once in a while a blind squirrel gets a nut. :)
  12. Thirty times in a row? If you still believe that squirrel is blind I have a bridge for sale...
  13. Thanks,
    I got it to look smoother by picking a different chart type and I am also playing with different colors to get the same effect
    Now I have to see if I can find those formulas