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Do You Use A Mobile Hotspot ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Rod M, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    I am considering getting a mobile hotspot plan as a backup for my internet service. I have no clue as to how much data I use in a day running the two services IB and OV cocurrently. I also dont know how reliable, fast, etc the mobile hotspots are. If you are using one in a similar capacity, please provide your experiences, and recommendations...thanks.
  2. Martell

    Martell Member

    Hey Rod!
    i use Verizon ...has never let me down ...there VERY EXPENSIVE!!! but fast n I travel all over the US with no issue once hooked up its almost just as fast as a cable line at home
    as far as trading goes there will be no issue unless your in an area where your cell phone in general gives you issues but if its working ...it works!
    I have had several issues over the yeasr with my cable provider breaking down so it has been an EXCELLENT back up for those types of situations ...they dont happen often
    but when they do n your trading you simply must have a backup period.

    with that being said I am grandfathered in with there Unlimited 4g LTE data plan...which they no longer offer
    when i use it HEAVY watching movies and leaving my TOS open all day and nigh recv quotes I can and hv used as much as 50 -55Gigs of data used in a month
    however that is MAJOR heavy use everyday watching netflix(all day n night) and trading etc....
    If I closed down my TOS once im done trading for the day I would prob only use 18-25 Gig a month and thats still pounding Netflix heavy every day and night for hours in a month
    most ppl could get away with 10 gigs a month im sure .

    Keep in mind this 50gigs thing is me travel for a month straight in hotel rooms......when im @ home I use my comcast for internet
    i may ave only 2 gig a month when Im at home
    Ps. Im paying $218 bucks a month btw:eek:
    also not that it matters but I use my smart phone as a hot spot rather then buying a actual hotspot and i know they charge me for that feature separate from the data
  3. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    Thanks Martell:
    Thanks for the information. It looks like that I could probably take Verizon's 5 gb plan and be OK as long as I only use it for trading...thanks.
  4. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    Hey Rod, I am able to use my phone as a hot spot for no extra charge. I use AT&T’s network on a iPhone 6. I use about 1 to 2GB for trading each month. I don't trust public internet, and I like the flexibility to access my account from almost anywhere at any time.
  5. Tim R

    Tim R Active Member

    Hi Chuck,
    I have the same setup with ATT, and I've always been curious how much data running TOS would use on my data plan. Can you elaborate on which platform you use, and roughly how many hours per trading day are you drawing data from your phone? Thanks a lot!
  6. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    Thanks Tim. Here in Dallas, either ATT or Verizon are strong carriers. I am looking at both. Dont laugh, but I use Sprint as my cellphone service on a Samsung S4....but I see nothing but negative reviews regarding their data services, so I will probably go with a stand alone hotspot from either ATT or Verizon. I really appreciate the feedback as I wanted to see how much data I would need and also, if trading on a hotspot was practical. Occasionally I like to leave my home office and go to a coffee shop, but also dont like public wifi.
  7. Paul Demers

    Paul Demers Well-Known Member

    I tethered my phone for two weeks of trading when I went up north. I found that if I just used it during market hours and I was just running TOS all during that time that I averaged about 1 GB per week.
  8. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    Hi Tim,

    TOS doesn't use much data and OptionVue uses less. I would recommend installing your updates for TOS and other products on WIFI to minimize mobile data usage. Video streaming eats of the most data for me.

    You can monitor your usage via the AT&T website, and they will text you at 75% and 90% usage.

    During the trade day, I only open and close positions via TOS then close it down. I use OptionVue to monitor my positions at the end of day. Only a few days each month will I have to keep the TOS running most of the day. Intraday, I use price alerts to keep me informed and watch my phone from time-to-time monitoring SPX, VIX, VXST, and a few others. For me the less time on TOS, the better I do.

    Your practices will be different, but this has been my experience. I hope it helps you,

  9. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    To my chagrin, I never realized that USB Tethering was a feature on my Samsung S4. After Paul's comments I found it buried deep in the menus of the Samsung S4. After turning the feature on, I found it to work very well, so I think I have an interim solution that, if it continues to work, will give me what I need without an additional monthly cost as I have unlimited data on the phone. Sprint charges a separate monthly fee if i want to use the HotSpot feature of the phone, but evidently does not care if I use the tethered approach. Please dont laugh when I say Sprint, but they do work well here in Dallas.

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