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Dave Thomas joins John Locke & LockInYourSuccess

Discussion in 'Options' started by RayM, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. RayM

    RayM Well-Known Member

    Dave Thomas
    Please join us in welcoming Dave Thomas to the Locke In Your Success team. Here is some background on our new coach!

    After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, Dave Thomas worked in engineering and management positions over the next twenty years for various manufacturing companies.

    Through his work he discovered a passion for teaching/mentoring. He was most effective in taking a subject, simplifying it and passing the knowledge on.

    In 2008, Dave was looking for a way to support his family that afforded him the freedom to spend time with them. Through a friend, he was introduced to options trading and the concepts of Delta-Neutral income based trading. For the next 3 years he studied with various mentors to learn the basics of trading options. In 2012, he started mentoring with John Locke and has mastered the techniques and strategies to effectively manage risk while generating consistent income.

    Now, Dave is a full time options trader and coach, committed to helping others master the intricacies of options trading. His approach to the learning process is thru simplified, practical, and applied mastery. He has coached numerous traders, including those entirely brand new to options achieve consistent income by using these strategies.

    Dave is passionate about helping others achieve success through options trading. Contact him today at dave@lockeinyoursuccess.com for a free consultation.
  2. Georges

    Georges Well-Known Member

    In addition to Dave Thomas and John Locke, any other persons to give one on one mentoring?

    Give Seth Freudberg and Mike Eisner one on one mentoring?

    Are there mentors who specialize in certain trading systems which they have a preference?
  3. tom

    tom Administrator Staff Member

    We're going to offer one-on-one mentoring very soon. I have it all ready to go in the members area. I just have to put a page on the website to describe it and order it.
  4. tom

    tom Administrator Staff Member

    BTW: Mike Eisner is a sales person, not an option trader. Mike is a trader, but a directional stock trader from my understanding.
  5. Georges

    Georges Well-Known Member

    Thank You.

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