Backtrader issue, graph ends up below the 0 line

Discussion in 'OptionVue Forum' started by giogio, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. giogio

    giogio New Member

    I am trying to do a very simple adjustment while backtrading m3.
    My Delta is -64.87 outside the tent before adjustment and trying to move up by 5 points to have delta = -32.94.
    I can see in the graph(magenta) the end result but after clicking convert trade, the t+0 line went down all the way and showing negative P/L.

    I apologize if I am doing stupid here. I am new to m3 and Optionvue. Thanks.

  2. giogio

    giogio New Member

    I tried again and it seems to work sometimes then it fails the second adjustment.
    1.) Works at first adjustment
    2.) Second adjustment ends up below the zero line

  3. giogio

    giogio New Member

    Hi All,

    I just want to update for the resolution I got from Ken/James(OptionVue) on this issue so it may benefit others. Thanks.

    The issue you’re seeing is related to previous gains/losses not being included properly in your
    gain/loss calculation after adjustment.
    Open the Info window (Account Information) and check the “G/L to include previously realized G/L’s” box. (see screenshot)
    Next use the Trade Log R grouping column and/or the Trade ID column to group all the trades together you want included in
    your Gain/Loss calculation. You can use Ctrl D on your keyboard to quickly copy the Trade ID or R codes to other lines. (see 2nd screenshot)
    The Matrix Gain/Loss and Analyze graph will now include the gain/loss for the closed out portion of your original trade.


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