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Backing up your OptionVue files

  1. I created a short batch file to backup my OptionVue files. I'm copying them locally but you could copy them to any online storage that's mapped as a drive.
    The batch file copies from the C:\OpVue8 directory to the C:\backups\OpVue8 directory.
    Place the following text into a file with a .bat file extension:
    REM Backup the OptionVue files locally
    REM Delete old backup files
    del /s /f /q C:\backups\OpVue8\*.*
    for /f %%f in ('dir /ad /b C:\backups\OpVue8\') do rd /s /q C:\backups\OpVue8\%%f
    REM Copy OptionVue files to a backup directory
    xcopy C:\OpVue8\*.* C:\backups\OpVue8\ /e /c /h 
    You can put a shortcut to this file on your desktop to backup on demand. I have the windows scheduler run this file periodically so it's updated every few hours.