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Discussion in 'Options' started by Rod M, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Rod M

    Rod M Well-Known Member

    I am currently taking advantage of the Live Vol evaluation period after Jim's recent recommendation, and in preparation for his upcoming series of classes. The program provides a wealth of information and will be "free" if I integrate it with IB. Here is my question to the group:

    If you are an active user, what part of the program is most valuable to you. Since I only trade a couple of positions in RUT each month. I cant find much use for it...not putting the product down, just saying I cant find much application to trading a RUT M3 and one or two other similar trades. thanks.
  2. Gabor Maly

    Gabor Maly Well-Known Member

    Hi Rod,
    I am actually in a similar situation trying to decide if I should migrate and have not yet made up my mind (despite the excellent fee structure), so will be interested what others say. I guess it really depends on what you want to use it for. While I like IB as a whole, what irritates me very much is the process of creating spreads.....you realize you want another leg in there and boom you can start over, you better be prepared with IB...of course we can call this a good thing. Needless to say this is a breeze in Livevol, just a click of a button.
  3. Rick

    Rick Active Member

    How do the Greeks in Live Vol compare to TOS and OptionVue?
  4. Andrei

    Andrei Well-Known Member

    I have an account with IB, but never got used to their interface especially when trading options. I am looking at LV now, it seems to be better structured than IB, but I still have some testing to do. I do most of my trading in TOS, but their fee structure is a lot higher than for IB or LV, and they are not very forthcoming in negotiating. LV cost structure is really great especially with the discount, so it looks like I will link my IB account to LV and give it a real try. It will probably save me about 3K per year.
  5. Jim K

    Jim K New Member

    I have the same question as Rick. Listening to sessions on M3 case is made that OV gives different results than ONE or ToS. Wonder if LV is better or can be configured to more or less results in OV. I use ToS and have ONE but have been resisting going to OV

    Jim K
  6. Jay

    Jay Member

    I have been using LV for the last 9 months and like it. The main reasons I use it are.
    1. I like the UI better than TWS to trade my IB account.
    2. The commissions were slightly lower than IB.
    I have found the LV support to be very good. You can call and get someone easily.
    I don't use all the LV bells and whistles, I just use it to trade because I find it easier to use than TWS.
  7. Capt Hobbes

    Capt Hobbes Well-Known Member

    How do I link my IB account with Livevol? All I can find on the website is opening an account with Livevol Securities which is cleared through IB.
  8. Jay

    Jay Member

    I opened an account with Livevol (free) and they hooked up to my existing IB account.
  9. Capt Hobbes

    Capt Hobbes Well-Known Member

    Thanks! So what you are using is Livevol X, correct? Can you still use TWS, or you now have to go through LV all the time?
  10. Jay

    Jay Member

    Yes, I use LVX. Since I started using LVX, I use it exclusively. I think you can arrange to use TWS also but you can't be logged into both platforms simultaneously. However, you should check with LiveVol on that since I am not totally sure. I like LVX better than TWS as a trading platform and the Livevol tech support has been very good whenever i have needed it.
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  11. Edward

    Edward Well-Known Member

    LiveVol support is much better the IB. If you us it for trading it's more straight forward then IB's platform. The quickest way to learn LiveVol trading platform is to ask their support to walk you through it in no time. The LiveVolX platform is several windows put together. You can close down windows you don't need. You could actually close everything except for the main window on the upper left (which needs to be opened) and leave the options window open for options trading. There is one drawback for Now, LiveVol does not have a mobile app for smart phones yet. You could still use IB mobile app but I don't like IB's mobile app when it comes to trading options. Their option table jumps around when scrolling which makes it very easy to make a mistake when entering option orders with your fingers.
    Last edited: May 15, 2015
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