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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vega4mike, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. vega4mike

    vega4mike Well-Known Member

    I've just come across another trading analytical software that also does option trading. Relevant for those outside the US & with no access to TOS analytics.
    It looks like a ninja type trading software but with options analytics. I haven't yet had time to download & test (free trial available) but i'm sharing as some may be interested.
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  2. Teddy

    Teddy Well-Known Member

    Looks like a Taiwan address from my end. Perhaps I will look at it if I have time. Not sure if it is free for how long.
  3. Ice101781

    Ice101781 Guest

    If anyone's interested in a basic, free and open-source web app, I wrote some options analytics software you can try at
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  4. PTMC

    PTMC New Member

    Hello friends,
    My name is Sergey, I'm a representative of PFSOFT company, developer of PTMC trading platform.
    As you already mentioned above we have not only options tools but also a lof of features for stock and futures trading.
    Our platform is connected to a number of brokers: FXCM, OANDA, LMAX, Interactive Brokers, DirectFX, AMP Futures, Optimus Futures, Dorman Trading, Wedbush, Cannon Trading as well as with data providers: CQG, IQFeed, Metastock and Quandl.

    PTMC has two types of licenses for access to FX/CFDs market and for Exchange markets (stocks, Futures, Options, ETFs)

    For exchange traders we offer:
    • volumetric tools - volume profiles, cluster chart, market profile, bar statistics, real-time and historical T&S
    • Market Depth (DOM)
    • Level 2 surface - allows visualizing order flow data
    • Option Master - module for option traders
    • Symbol Mapping Manager - when you get exchange data from one source (quote vendor) and orders send to another source (OMS - Order management system)
    • Chart overlay
    • Flexible timeframe selector
    • Wide list of trading orders with different conditions (Iceberg, time in force conditions)
    • Chart and mouse trading
    and much more features....

    If you have any questions about PTMC, please ask me.
  5. PTMC

    PTMC New Member

    In honor of the great holiday of USA Independence day, PTMC implements the week of discounts! July 3rd till July 9th is the week when you can purchase any PTMC license with a 25% discount! Who knows, maybe this will be your first step to trading independence?
  6. PTMC

    PTMC New Member

    Recently we have updated a PTMC Beta, and we will update Stable version within a week. We have fixed a great amount of bugs and also prepared for future updates. Here is what's new:

    1) Added VWAP tool
    It is realized not like an indicator, but as the expanded analytical tool with different time settings (to mark the sessions) and also overlaying of a multiple VWAPs (daily, weekly, monthly and custom);


    2) Changed the vision of a cluster chart filtration
    In the past, filtered clusters used to look "devastated" while setting the filter by some meaning. Now filtered clusters appear colorless. This feature is only for your eyes, but we do not underestimate the importance of a good visual;

    3) Redesigned login screen
    Now user can choose which connections should he see while logging. This is made in purpose to simplify the individual list of connections;

    4) New color scheme for the Option Desk
    Now users are able to set the color for the desk by the historical volatility. For now, it is calculated by % per year, we will add custom HV calculation periods later.
    By the way, soon we will add predefined options strategies, option scanner, 3D volatility surface and also we will make an ability to create a workspace within an Option Master panel.

    Finally, we have added a couple of visual features for drawings and displaying ask price on the Chart — all by users' requests!


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