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Actual traders

  1. Anyone hear about this company Actual traders ?
    Here is a link https://actualtraders.com/learn-more
    I got this in my inbox as a spam but I decided to look at it just to find out if this is a scam or not
    It's some kind of new business model where traders with little or no funds can trade so you trade with their money and share in the profits
    They only trade forex so I am not interested in that at this time
    Probably not many here are trading forex but I thought it was an interesting business model
    Maybe if they have SPX or RUT options than it may sound more interesting
  2. You do have to pay to play at first however:
    "Why do I have to pay to trade in the TraderTryOut even if no real money is traded?
    In order for the test to feel as real as possible traders need to have a bit of skin in the game. This is not a demo account nor a game – it is a sophisticated simulated environment where you can prove you know how to trade in order to become one of our live traders without risking much capital."
  3. Yes, and also when you are doing the real trades if you have a loosing day they stop you from trading for a period of time
    I guess that is their way to limit some of the risk
    It's not a bad way to test yourself and also to prove to them that you are worthy or good enough to risk their money
    If you are good enough to make them money after you earn some money from them you could start your own account and trade for yourself and keep all the profits