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Discussion in 'OptionVue Forum' started by Andreas, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Andreas

    Andreas Member

    Hi, I'm the only one who doesn't see his positions in the monthly options? I also don't get any data for the monthlies.
  2. Lee S

    Lee S Active Member

    I went back to 8.24 after seeing the message and issues with 8.25 regarding missing strikes for existing ES positions. When I looked at the analysis it seemed the strikes were there for at least some expirations but the P&L was way high.
  3. Rtb

    Rtb Well-Known Member

    Totally Unbelievable. It seems like every update has issues.
  4. Paola

    Paola New Member

    I am having the same issues. I have both ONE and OV. OV really is quite inferior.
  5. Rick

    Rick Active Member

    same problem ( can't get the 31 JUL) but I have not upgraded
  6. Bryan Doyle

    Bryan Doyle Well-Known Member

    8.25 does not seem to be including prior G/L and the asterisk is not showing up. I turned this setting off and back on. It did not help. Staying on 8.22 and will likely switch to ONE as soon as the add es support.
  7. DGH

    DGH Administrator

    OV is inconsistent with its "Define Options" nomenclature. Specifying "M", "W", or "Q" makes a difference as does the expiration date. I was able to bring in 31Jul by using 1Sep as the expiration. The problem (for me, anyway) is that OV does not retain the configuration which "works". BTW, I am still on version 8.22
  8. TOPS

    TOPS Member

    does anyone know if/when P&Ls will be correct in OV? Unreal that the entire trading day went by without this issue not being resolved.
  9. Fischer

    Fischer Member

    Since the new update my OV is constantly crashing:(
  10. Marcas

    Marcas Well-Known Member

    I think CD members still have discount for ONE...
  11. Andreas

    Andreas Member

    Just to give an update. Today the monthly expirations work without changing anything. But now I realize that the Trade IDs in the matrix don't get updated when you switch the account. The positions show up in the matrix, but it keeps the Trade IDs from the account before. I wrote them an email and I will go back to 8.22.

    What I not understand is that there are things like unittests and tools to test front-ends. If they don't have time to do that, then I would at least hire someone who clicks through the GUI before they release. I understand that software has always bugs. But when I see a bug immediately after starting the application, then something is going wrong.
  12. PK

    PK Well-Known Member

    I also downloaded and tested 8.25. I still encounter problems with expirations I am not able to include and strikes for open positions that have to be entered manually but from time to time do not show up on the matrix etc.. Went back to 8.22 and do not miss the new features of the 8.23/24/25 updates. I went through the release notes of the last updates and the number of bugs detected (and presumably fixed) in the 8.25 version is much longer and includes more serious issues than in previous versions, which may indicate that the enhancements made in the 8.23/24 versions messed up the software quite a bit.

    Does anyone know if there is any forecast for ONE's plans to add support for ES futures options?
  13. Duane Glick

    Duane Glick Member

    On ONE's support /feature request page , it lists that it has been started, but doesn't give a completion date .
  14. Paul Demers

    Paul Demers Well-Known Member

    My guess it is coming soon as the last update documentation said that it was a "Compatibility release in preparation for futures options deployment in next release".
  15. Marcas

    Marcas Well-Known Member

    I heard some rumors that within a month there should be beta with /ES. And some more things.
  16. TOPS

    TOPS Member

    so still no fix for OV. My P&L is still completely wrong.
  17. Bryan Doyle

    Bryan Doyle Well-Known Member

    It looks like prior gains/losses are not being included in the P/L. I don't even get the asterisk indicating this setting is on (even though it is). I let OV know about this bug....
  18. Rtb

    Rtb Well-Known Member

    Just to let anyone know who maybe still using Version 8.24 and has a similar problem. I was using 8.24 until earlier today and had an issue were the following expirations (1st Aug, 1st Sept and 1st Oct) no prices showing. Once I upgraded to Version 8.25 it resolved the problem.
  19. Scott Slivnik

    Scott Slivnik Well-Known Member

    I have not opened OV in several days myself. The recent releases prompted me to use TOS with simulated trades and modify my trade plan a bit. So far it has been working great. It is unfortunate to hear that OV 8.25 has issues as well. I still need software for backtesting and organization and will likely switch to ONE later this year as well. The price increase made me cringe and the recent issues may be the final nail in the coffin for me.

    My understanding is ONE has a much slower release cycle which results in stable releases.
  20. TOPS

    TOPS Member

    is anyone's P&L still way off? OV tech support does not seem to think there is an issue.

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