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  1. I am new to RTT and the 21JUL trade is my first one that is near expiration. At present, all strikes are OTM and, if understand well, they will be allowed to expire worthless, unless theta turns negative.

    In the above scenario, I have calculated my current P/L (by adding together all transactions for the 21JUL RTT) and my net profit is +$340(excluding commissions) or +$231 (incl. commissions). In the latest CD report, it is shown that the trade currently has a profit of $527 (does it exclude or include commissions?). I am trying to understand why this difference exists, given that all my trades have been filled at the CD reported prices.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. I don't think anyone can help unless you show all your individual trades orders and prices. My real trades for 21 July show $549.50 Profits ( Not including Commissions)
  3. I seem to recall that the Class trades in the posted OpenVue positions assume $1 commissions (no ticket charge), and commissions are included. (My memory may not be reliable). One issue is trying to resolve the precise timestamp that the OV report option data is derived from. This can add hundreds of dollars of difference from that published PnL and the PnL you are observing. IFF your pricing and the OV data timestamp were the same, you "should" be able to track what is happening.
    Note: I don't recall any way to determine the timestamps the reported position data from the service is based on, which would be a way to verify convergence of the service and one's own attempts to match it. If anyone knows of how to determine the time the OV Matrix was filled for the "Image -xxxx" emails, that should help to clear up part of the question.
  4. Edward and Gary,

    Thank you for your responses. I compared all my transactions with those reported by CD. It seems that I missed the trade of May 31st, hence the difference.
    I am sorry for having wasted your time.
  5. No worries.